LLC Grads and Michel DeGraff

LLC Seminars

The LLC Seminar Series allows LLC members and the University community to attend talks by guest speakers on a wide range of topics. Seminars are generally held once a month during the Fall and Spring semesters.



1/29 - Graduate Student Presentations: -“Sociolinguistic Variation in Cuba: Variants of /r/ in Guantanamo City” - Yaima Centeno (SPN) “Phonetic accommodation in native and second-generation speech: a case study” - Cecily Corbett (SPN) "Social factors affecting variation in the realization of word-final /d/ in Valencia” - Jordan Lavender (SPN)

2/27 - Diana Aldrete (Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish, University at Albany):

3/12 -Ernesto Quiñonez (Associate Professor of English Cornell University): "Bodega Dreams: Q & A With Ernesto Quiñonez"

4/10 - Mel Scullen (Associate Director, School of Languages, Literatures, and Culture, University of Maryland):



photo: J Lipski and grads

John Lipski (Pennsylavania State University) with LLC graduate students

2/6 - John Lipski (Professor of Spanish & Linguistics, Pennsylvania State University): "Languages Without Borders: Spanish and Portuguese at the Crossroads"

3/6 - Eva Woods Peiro (Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies and Director of Latin American and Latino/a Studies, Vassar College): "Surveillant Filmmaking and the Carceral in Spanish Transnational Films: The Case of Celda 211"

4/3 - Timothy Sergay (Associate Professor of Russian, University at Albany) and Carmen Serrano (Assistant Professor of Spanish, University at Albany): "Translation: the Practice, the Reality"

5/1 - John Singler (Professor of Linguistics, New York University): "Sociolinguistics in the Digital Age: Data As Never Before"

9/23 - Edith Grossman (translator of Spanish Literature), Seminar and Reading sponsored with the New York State Writer's Institute

10-17 - Selma Cohen (Visiting Assistant Professor, University at Albany): "Avatars of the I. Argentine Literature in the First Person since 1990"

11-21 - J. Clancy Clements (Professor of Spanish and Portuguese and Linguistics, Indiana University): "How speakers construct a language without ‘homogeneous’ input: Evidence from some Portuguese- and Spanish-lexifier contact varieties"

12-4 - Timothy Sergay (Associate Professor of Russian, University at Albany): "The Conventions of Editing Academic and Other Formal Documents in English"



2/7 - Graduate Student Presentations: -"The Pirate Triumphs:  Spanish Romance After the Fall of the Armada" - Andrew Hamilton (SPN); -"I'd Pursue More, but...: Linguistic Attitudes of Beginning Language Students” – Victor Lucio (SPN); -“Attributive Possession in Creoles:  A Comparative Study” – Ashley LaBoda (SPN); -“The Violence and the Writing in the Work of Malika Mokeddem” – Nabila El Guennouni (FRE)

photo: Lisenby and Stevens

D. Lisenby (LLC) and C. Stevens (Rutgers University)

3/5 - Camilla Stevens (Associate Professor, Dept. of Spanish and Portuguese/ Latino and Hispanic Caribbean Studies, Rutgers University): "'’Get up, Stand up, Stand up for your Rights': Transnational Belonging and Rights of Citizenship in Dominican Theater"

4/4 - Michael Weiss (Professor of Classics and Linguistics Cornell University): “The Phonetics and Phonology of the Latin Iuppiter Rule

5/2 - Beth Bouloukos (Visiting Assistant Professor Languages, Literatures & Cultures University at Albany): “Shepherds Redressed: Amory’s Song of the Loon and the Reinvigoration of the Spanish Pastoral Novel

9/12 - Michel DeGraff (Associate Professor of Linguistics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology): “Some Notes on Family Values (or lack thereof) in Creole Studies

10/10 - Audrey Sartiaux (Language Center Director, Union College): "Integrating Technology into the Language Classroom"

11/15 - Adela Pineda (Associate Professor of Spanish Boston University): "Mexico and the United States: Cinematic Encounters and Misunderstandings"

12/5 - Beatriz Lado (Program Director, Languages and Literatures, Lehman College, CUNY): "L3 Acquisition: The Role of Language Aptitude and Type of Feedback in Language Processing"



photo: Toribio-Sayahi-Bullock

.L to R: J. Toribio (University of Texas, Austin), L. Sayahi (LLC), B. Bullock (University of Texas, Austin)

10/18 - Barbara Bullock (Professor, Dept. of French and Italian, University of Texas at Austin ) and Jacqueline Toribio (Professor, Dept. of Spanish and Portuguese, University of Texas at Austin): "The Value of Real Data: The Mysterious Case of Dominican –s"

11/13 - Michael Newman (Associate Professor, Dept. of Linguistics and Communication Disorders, Queens College/CUNY): "No Longer Devil-owned: Native vs. Non-native Contact Effects in New York Latino English"

12/12 - Jesse Barker (Visiting Assistant Professor Dept. of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, University at Albany): "Videogames, Global War and the Multicultural City: An Analysis of the Spanish Novel Ático"