Nanodrop Spectrophotometer and Fluorospectrometer

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The Molecular Core has one Nanodrop Spectrophotometer ND-1000 and one Nanodrop Fluorospectrometer ND-3300.

Many of the reactions that are set up in a Molecular Biology Laboratory are in very small volumes because reagents are very expensive and sample sizes are miniscule. The Nanodrop Spectrophotometer or Fluorospectrometer is designed to measure absorbance or fluorescence, respectively of molecules in very small liquid volumes (~1 μl).

Specific Description:
The Nanodrop Spectrophotometer is used primarily to measure DNA, RNA or protein concentrations in the UV/visible light range. It can be used to measure absorbance spectra or single wavelengths of these macromolecules in solution. The software has algorithms that automatically calculate DNA, RNA or protein concentrations from the measured absorbance. It also has algorithms for specific colorimetric assays for protein such as Bradford, Pierce or Lowry assays.

The Nanodrop Fluorospectometer is used to measure fluorescent molecules in the 400 – 750 nm range. Samples are excited with one of three LEDs. The UV LED excitation spectrum has a maximum at 350 nm with a filter removing wavelengths longer than 400 nm. The Blue LED excitation spectrum has a maximum at 470 nm with a filter removing wavelengths longer than 495 nm. The White LED produces an excitation range from 500-600 nm and uses a virtual filtering method to quantify emission spectrum from molecules fluorescing at longer wavelengths.

For More Information:
ND-1000 Spectrofluorimeter manual
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