Scintillation Counters

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The Molecular Core has two Beckman Coulter LS6500 Scintillation Counters.

When working with radioactively labeled compounds, macromolecules or materials, one needs to assess how much radioactivity is present in the particular sample. A scintillation counter counts the amount of radioactive decay events from each particular radioactive isotope present in the sample.

Specific Description:
The LS6500 estimates counts per minute (cpm) in standard vials, miniature vials and Bio-Vials™. Vials are loaded into racks that can be stacked allowing multiple users to measure samples sequentially. Samples are placed in vials with a liquid or solid scintillator that converts radioactive decay events to photons which are captured by a photomultiplier. Auto DPM counting allows one to measure the radioactive isotopes 3H, 14C, 32P, 35S, 45Ca or 86Rb without quench curves.