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Puerto RicoDegree Requirements for the Major in Puerto Rican Studies

  • Core Courses on Puerto Ricans (9 cr): A LCS 150, 329, and 429.
  • Puerto Rico and the Caribbean (9 cr): A LCS 102, 269, and 405.
  • Puerto Rico and Latin America (3 cr): A LCS 100 or 357 or 361.
  • Race, Gender, and Ethnicity (3 cr): A LCS 201 or 240 or 282 or 302 or 451.
  • Interdisciplinary Research Seminar (3 cr): A LCS 400Z.
  • Electives with Latin American or Caribbean content as advised (9 cr).
  • Reading proficiency in Spanish:
    The department will administer the proficiency examinations. The intent is to test the student’s ability to read and understand research material about Puerto Rico written in Spanish. The examination will consist of translations of selected passages in Spanish. Students can build proficiency through completion of the appropriate reading courses in Spanish, Portuguese, or French. Students are also encouraged to use appropriate materials and media in the Interactive Media Center in the University Library to build their reading skills. To schedule an examination, students should contact the undergraduate program director, Department of Latin American, Caribbean, and U.S. Latino Studies.

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