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Puerto RicoDegree Requirements for the Major in Puerto Rican Studies

General Program B.A.: A total of 36 credits, 12 of which must be at or above the 300 level, as follows:

Core Courses on Puerto Rico (9 cr.): A Lcs 150 or 150Z, 329 and 429.
Puerto Rico and the Caribbean (9 cr.): A Lcs 102, 269 and 405.
Puerto Rico and Latin America (3 cr.): A Lcs 100/100Z or 145 or 357 or 361.
Race, Gender and Ethnicity (3 cr.): A Lcs 201 or 240 or 282M or 302 or 451.

Interdisciplinary Research Seminar (3 cr.): A Lcs 400Z.
LCS Electives (9 credits).

Reading proficiency in Spanish demonstrated by appropriate course work or language
proficiency examination.

NOTE: There are two ways to satisfy this requirement. The first is to take a written examination, administered by the LACS Department, which assesses reading competency in the chosen language. There is no credit given with this examination, so students who select it must take an additional three credits of electives to complete the 36 credit major. The second option is to satisfactorily complete a 300 (or above) course taught in Spanish. These credits would be applied toward the major. For this option, the course must not count toward another requirement in the major.