Ph.D. Students

Completed Ph.D. Program

Lissette Acosta-Corniel, Ph.D. - Class of 2013 - "Towards a Theory of Spanish Women in Española: A Research Guide"

Jonnee Alexander, Ph.D. - Class of 2006 - "Troubling the Angry Waters: The Journey from Stokely Carmichael to Kwame Ture"

Solmerina Aponte, Ph.D. - Class of 2010 - "Bilingual Visual Culture in New York: Socially-Engaged Latina Artists and the Discourse of Hybridity"

Karolina Babic, Ph.D. - Class of 2014 - "Todavía bailamos la cueca sola: From local protest practice against Chile's dictatorship to (trans)national memory icon."

Ingrid Bircann-Barkey, Ph.D. - Class of 2013- "Women do not roll high quality cigars!" Tabaqueras in the shop floor of the Dominian Cigar factory"

Natacha Bolufer-Laurenti, Ph.D. - Class of 2013 - “Spanish Exiles in New York:  Constructing Identities through the Spanish-Language Press (1930’s-1940’s)”

Carmen Caamaño, Ph.D. - Class of 2007 - "Contending Subjectivity: Costa Rican Migrants Solidarity Networks, Social Capital and the Contstruction of Governmentality in Transnational Spaces"

Jean Carlos Cowan, Ph.D.- Class of 2006 - "Displacement in Medellín: A Global / Transnational Perspective"

Xenobia Delgado, Ph.D. - Class of 2009 - "Creating a National Counter-Narrative: Pathways to a New World in the Literature of Earl Lovelace"

M. Dustin Knepp, Ph.D. - Class of 2010 - “Tamaladas and the Role of Food in Mexican-Immigrant and Mexican-American Cultures in Texas”

Alexander Lamazares, Ph.d. - Class of 2009 - “Cuban Art under Late Socialism: Contested Spaces, Revolutionary Aesthetics, and the Creation of a New Art Market”

Thely Lopes, Ph.D. - Class of 2010 - “Shifting Identities in the Brazilian Restaurants of New York City”

Karen McGovern, Ph.D. - Class of 2006 - "Counterhegemonic Narratives:  Reading Race, Class, Gender, and Sexual Identities in Latina Literary Anthologies of the 1980s and 1990s"

Guadalupe Morales-Gotsch, Ph.D. - Class of 2013 - "Economic Remittances to Middle Class Peruvian Families: Origins, Use, and Impact"

Luis Paredes, Ph.D. - Class of 2015 -

Katiuscia Pelerin, Ph.D. - Class of 2013 - “A Conflict within Blackness:The Complexities of Identity of Haitian Migrants and their Descendants in the Bahamas.”

Katherine Platt, Ph.D. - Class of 2010 - “"Gringotenango: The U.S. Retirement Migration to Antigua, Guatemala"

Yaser Robles, Ph.D. - Class of 2013- “En el Aire Escribieron la Historia: Honduran Invisibility in the Central American 1970s/80s Conflicts.”

Lomarsh Roopnarine, Ph.D. - Class of 2002 - "Indo-Caribbean Indenture: Creating Opportunities Out of Adversity"

Raquel Sanmiguel, Ph.D. - Class of 2012- "A Postcolonial Comparative Study of Secondary Education and its Ideological Implications for West Indian Communities in Puerto Limón, Costa Rica; Bluefields, Nicaragua; and Old Providence Island, Colombia"

Carla Santamaria, Ph.D. - Class of 2010 - “Boricuas isleños y nuyorriqueños: La construcción de identidades puertorriqueñas a través de la poesía de la calle.”

Ph.D. Candidates and their Current Research

Cassandra Andrusz - Research interests: Colonial Latin America, specifically Peru, more specifically women in rebellion. Also interested in Andean society, indigenous resistance, culture, folk lore and learning more about contempory/modern history of L.A.

Arinka Abad - "The Emotional Cost of Migration - Mental Health" Research interest: Qualitative and Quatitative Methods - Migration (Internation and U.S. Domestic); Transnationalism and Aculturation; Social Inqulity (Race, Class, and Gender); Demography (Fertility - Family and Foster families); Health (International and U.s. Public Policy). Previous Empirical Reseach Project: "International Migration, Remittances, and Gender: A Qualitative Study of the Peruvian Province of Callao." Recent Activity: November 2012, New England Council of Lain American Studies (NECLAS) - YALE University - and . May 2014, Hawaii - International Conference in the Social Sciences - Honolulu. "International Migration, Remittances, and Gender: A Qualitative Study of the Peruvian Prince of Callao.

Ernesto Ebratt - ABD- "Female Bodies and Pageant Competions in Post Liberalization Colombia: 1991-2011"

Karen Ferrer-Muñiz - TBA

Cory Fischer-Hoffman - ABD

Rafael Gomez - Tentative Dissertation Title:  "Afro Atlantic Religions in Santo Domingo, 1502-1799: Memory, Traditioning, and Beyond" Research Interests: Colonial Latin America and the Caribbean; Religion in Colonial Latin America; Slave Religion; The Evangelization of the New World; Neo-Afro-Caribbean Religious Movements; Early New World Development; Colonial Literature; Bartolome de Las Casas; diaspora studies; Violence in Latin America.

Jacqueline Hayes - ABD- "Beond Protection: The Logic of the Sweatshop and Latino Immigrant Workers in New York State"

Caitlin Jeniszewski - "Identity, immigration and performance. Recent Activity: community program titled, "Black in Latin America: Affirmative Action in Brazil"

Catia Laird de Polanco -

Anyeline Mejia -

Katherine Paarlberg-Kvam - ABD- "The Colombian Women's Peace Movement" > Research Interests: The Colombian women's peace movement; gender studies; political economy. > Recent Activity: NECLAS Conference presenter (November 2011).

Luis Paredes - "Perú Negro: Choreographing and Performing Afro-Peruvian Identity, 1969 - Present" >Research interests: Construction, representation and authenticity of Afro-Peruvian and Afro-Latin American culture and identity through: ancestral memories, photographic staging, rhythm performance, choreographic and body performativity. Socio-political institutionalization of Afro-Peruvian culture. Exploration of socio-historical experiences of Afro-Latin Americans in popular culture.Latin American narrative and cultural studies theory. Race theory and social thought in literary and textual analysis. Recent academic activity: University at Albany Dissertation Research Fellowship Award, 2013-2014. “Bodies of Different Colors: Afro-Peruvian ‘Blackness’ and Representations of Identity,” “Dancing the African Diaspora: Theories of Black Performance, Duke University, Durham, NC, February 7-9, 2014. “Re-Memorizing Afro-Peruvian Identity, 1969 to the present,” “Transformative Visions: Confronting Change and Creating Opportunity in Africa and the African Diaspora, ASWAD 7th Biennial Conference, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, October 30-November 2, 2013.

Luis Gabriel Sanchez - Research interests: Indigenous social movements in the Andes, conflicts over extractive industries, indigenous cosmologies and ontologies, decolonial theory and Latin American philosophy, Haitian history and reconstruction from the 2010 earthquake, border studies and globalization studies. Recent activity: presented at the Latin American Studies Association Congress 2014 "Political Decolonization in the Andes: Epistemically Fusion and Reciprocal Democracy"

Anthony Stronach -

David Uzzell Jr., ABD - “Upgrading, Shared Value, and Competitiveness in the Banana Value Chain in Colombia: The Case of C.I. Uniban S.A.”

Jamielynn Varriale - (tentative dissertation title) "Pra liberar nuestras fronteras: performing transnationalism, local community, diy ethics, and Spanish-language hardcore punk with Los Crudos". Research interests: Popular music, subculture, community, punk history and subculture, postcolonialism, and the intersections of gender, race, class, and Latinidad in both general U.S.-American society, musical genres, and musical subcultures.

Deborah Woeckner-Saavedra, ABD - "Latino/a Artist-Educators and their Role in Creating and Sustaining Innovative Democratic Spaces."

MA Students