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Ph.D. Students

Completed Ph.D. Program

Lissette Acosta-Corniel, Ph.D. - Class of 2013 - "Towards a Theory of Spanish Women in Española: A Research Guide"

Jonnee Alexander, Ph.D. - Class of 2006 - "Troubling the Angry Waters: The Journey from Stokely Carmichael to Kwame Ture"

Solmerina Aponte, Ph.D. - Class of 2010 - "Bilingual Visual Culture in New York: Socially-Engaged Latina Artists and the Discourse of Hybridity"

Karolina Babic, Ph.D. - Class of 2014 - "Todavía bailamos la cueca sola: From local protest practice against Chile's dictatorship to (trans)national memory icon."

Ingrid Bircann-Barkey, Ph.D. - Class of 2013- "Women do not roll high quality cigars!" Tabaqueras in the shop floor of the Dominian Cigar factory"

Natacha Bolufer-Laurenti, Ph.D. - Class of 2013 - “Spanish Exiles in New York:  Constructing Identities through the Spanish-Language Press (1930’s-1940’s)”

Carmen Caamaño, Ph.D. - Class of 2007 - "Contending Subjectivity: Costa Rican Migrants Solidarity Networks, Social Capital and the Contstruction of Governmentality in Transnational Spaces"

Jean Carlos Cowan, Ph.D.- Class of 2006 - "Displacement in Medellín: A Global / Transnational Perspective"

Xenobia Delgado, Ph.D. - Class of 2009 - "Creating a National Counter-Narrative: Pathways to a New World in the Literature of Earl Lovelace"

M. Dustin Knepp, Ph.D. - Class of 2010 - “Tamaladas and the Role of Food in Mexican-Immigrant and Mexican-American Cultures in Texas”

Alexander Lamazares, Ph.d. - Class of 2009 - “Cuban Art under Late Socialism: Contested Spaces, Revolutionary Aesthetics, and the Creation of a New Art Market”

Thely Lopes, Ph.D. - Class of 2010 - “Shifting Identities in the Brazilian Restaurants of New York City”

Karen McGovern, Ph.D. - Class of 2006 - "Counterhegemonic Narratives:  Reading Race, Class, Gender, and Sexual Identities in Latina Literary Anthologies of the 1980s and 1990s"

Guadalupe Morales-Gotsch, Ph.D. - Class of 2013 - "Economic Remittances to Middle Class Peruvian Families: Origins, Use, and Impact"

Katiuscia Pelerin, Ph.D. - Class of 2013 - “A Conflict within Blackness:The Complexities of Identity of Haitian Migrants and their Descendants in the Bahamas.”

Katherine Platt, Ph.D. - Class of 2010 - “"Gringotenango: The U.S. Retirement Migration to Antigua, Guatemala"

Yaser Robles, Ph.D. - Class of 2013- “En el Aire Escribieron la Historia: Honduran Invisibility in the Central American 1970s/80s Conflicts.”

Lomarsh Roopnarine, Ph.D. - Class of 2002 - "Indo-Caribbean Indenture: Creating Opportunities Out of Adversity"

Raquel Sanmiguel, Ph.D. - Class of 2012- "A Postcolonial Comparative Study of Secondary Education and its Ideological Implications for West Indian Communities in Puerto Limón, Costa Rica; Bluefields, Nicaragua; and Old Providence Island, Colombia"

Carla Santamaria, Ph.D. - Class of 2010 - “Boricuas isleños y nuyorriqueños: La construcción de identidades puertorriqueñas a través de la poesía de la calle.”

Current Research

Arinka Abad -

Ernesto Ebratt - ABD- "Female Bodies and Pageant Competions in Post Liberalization Colombia: 1991-2011"

Karen Ferrer-Muñiz - TBA

Cory Fischer-Hoffman - ABD

Rafael Gomez - TBA

Jacqueline Hayes - ABD- "Beond Protection: The Logic of the Sweatshop and Latino Immigrant Workers in New York State"

Caitlin Jeniszewski - Identity, immigration and performance. Recent Activity: community program titled, "Black in Latin America: Affirmative Action in Brazil.

Katherine Paarlberg-Kvam - ABD- "The Colombian Women's Peace Movement" > Research Interests: The Colombian women's peace movement; gender studies; political economy. > Recent Activity: NECLAS Conference presenter (November 2011).

Luis Paredes - "Perú Negro: Staging, Performing, and Constructing Afro-Peruvian Identity" > Research Interests: Latin American narrtive. Constructions, representation and authenticity of culture and identity through ancestral memory; rhythm performance, choreographic staging and musical-institutionalization of Afro-Peruvian culture. Recent Activity: Conference Paper, "La construcción de la danza y el ritmo: la africanización de 'Perú Negro'." Conferencia Internacional, SEPHIS/Universidad de Cartagena - Colombia, "Equidad, justicia, desarrollo: afrodescendientes en Latinoamerica." > Contact:

Luis Gabriel Sanchez -

David Uzzell Jr., ABD - “Upgrading, Shared Value, and Competitiveness in the Banana Value Chain in Colombia: The Case of C.I. Uniban S.A.”

Jamielynn Varriale - TBA

Deborah Woeckner-Saavedra, ABD - "Latino/a Artist-Educators and their Role in Creating and Sustaining Innovative Democratic Spaces."

MA Students