31st Annual Upstate New York
Junior Science and Humanities Symposium

We are delighted to announce the final winners of the 31st Annual Upstate New York Junior Science and Humanities Symposium. The following finalists were chosen from thirty-four Speaker PowerPoint and thirty-three Poster presenters, who represent high schools across New York State.

It has been estimated that the event was attended by upwards of 600 participants, including science research students and teachers, scientist judges, faculty, undergraduate and graduate students.

This year, we are able to provide three of the final winners at the Symposium with scholarships. First, second and third place winners will be awarded scholarships (1st place: $2,000; 2nd place: $1,500; 3rd place: $1,000) by the U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force, sponsors of the JSHS program.

All five speaker finalists from the Upstate NY Junior Science and Humanities Symposium will have an expense paid trip and be our region’s delegates at the 54th National JSHS to be held in Dayton, Ohio on April 27—30, 2016. The top two finalists are invited to compete for military-sponsored scholarships by presenting their research in oral sessions held on Friday, April 29th. All other regional delegates are invited to present their research in poster sessions held on Thursday, April 28th. All sessions will be held at the Dayton Convention Center, Dayton, Ohio.

Finally without further delay the results of the 31st Upstate NY Junior Science and Humanities Symposium are:

Speaker Final Session Winners:

1st Place: Dominick Rowan for Determining the Frequency of Jupiter Analogs, and the Announcement of a new Jupiter Analog Orbiting HD32963

2nd Place: Alice Xue for New Insight into the Mechanisms of Tumor Cell Streaming: Targeting the HGF/c-MET Signaling Pathway to Combat Tumor Mestasis

3rd Place: Charlotte Keeley for Plant Tissues that Fail to Regenerate Undergo Early Steps of Remodeling but Fail to Induce a Cytokinin Hormone Response

4th Place: Anna-Sophia Boguraev for The Role and Implications of CHD4 in the Regulation of Islet Beta Cell Differentiation

5th Place: Henry Asher Gray The Strategic Use of Disfluent Text to Improve High School Students’ Performance in Math

Second and Third Place Winners in their Speaker Session:

Behavioral Sciences
2nd Place: Alan Dai
3rd Place: Claire Sukumar

Molecular and Cellular Biology
2nd Place: Julia Riley
3rd Place: Meera Kumanan

Biomedical Sciences
2nd Place: Andrew Amini
3rd Place: Yasir Khan

General Biology and Environmental Science
2nd Place: Alina Campbell
3rd Place: Joseph Giulian

Physical Sciences
2nd Place: Zury Cutler
3rd Place: Cayla Hamaan

Poster Final Session Winners:

Session 1:
1st Place: Manisha Kunala
2nd Place: Micah Jeng
3rd Place: Emma Burns

Session 2:
1st Place: Jane Mundadan
2nd Place: Nimat Maloney
3rd Place: Joshua Nadel

Session 3:
1st Place: Brian Singer
2nd Place: Sarah Choudry
3rd Place: Gabriel Zuckerberg

Session 4:
1st Place: Melissa Blum
2nd Place: Nidhi Perianayagam
3rd Place: Zachary Silbert

As part of its ongoing support of JSHS, the American Chemical Society – Corporation Associates will award the $750 American Chemical Society’s Scholarship for Best Paper to Zury Cutler for his paper, Creation and Characterization of an Optically Transparent Hybrid Solar Concentrator

We would also like to congratulate this year’s Art in Science winner, Laurel Becker for her outstanding depiction of science and art. To view the 2016 Upstate NY JSHS program and cover artwork, visit www.albany.edu/jshs.

Thank you for coming to the 31st Annual Upstate NY JSHS! To register for Nationals please go to: http://www.cvent.com/events/54th-national-junior-science-and-humanities-symposium-dayton-oh/custom-35-c593e2a670d540d5a4a78db1b4513256.aspx