29th Annual Upstate New York
Junior Science and Humanities Symposium

We are delighted to announce the final winners of the 29th Annual Upstate New York Junior Science and Humanities Symposium, held March 10 and 11, 2014. The finalists were chosen from thirty-three Speaker PowerPoint and thirty-two Poster presenters, who represent thirty-seven high schools across New York State.

It has been estimated that the event was attended by upwards of 600 participants, including science research students and teachers, scientist, faculty, undergraduate and graduate students.

This year, we are able to provide three of the final winners at the Symposium with scholarships. First, second and third place winners will be awarded scholarships (1st place: $2,000; 2nd place: $1,500; 3rd place: $1,000) by the U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force, sponsors of the JSHS program.

All five speaker finalists from the Upstate NY Junior Science and Humanities Symposium will have an expense paid trip and be our region’s delegates at the 52nd National JSHS to be held April 23 – April 27, 2014 in Washington, DC. The top two finalists are invited to compete for military-sponsored scholarships by presenting their research in oral sessions held on Thursday, April 24 at the Renaissance Arlington Capital View. All other regional delegates are invited to present their research in poster sessions held on Friday, April 25, at the USA Science & Engineering Festival (USASEF), Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

Finally without further delay the results of the 29th Upstate NY Junior Science and Humanities Symposium are:

Speaker Final Session Winners:

1st Place: Adam Illowsky, Ossining High School, for "The MAPT HI Haplotype is Associated With Increased Clinical and Neuropathological Severity of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy"

2nd Place: Jason Rosenberg, Blind Brook High School, for "An In Silico Model to Describe the Localized Dendritic Transport of β-Actin mRNA"

3rd Place: Stephanie Ding, Byram Hills High School, for "Relative vs. Absolute Orientation Judgments: A Re-evaluation of Some Neural Decoding Models"

4th Place: Surin Ahn, Mamaroneck High School, for "Resolution-Exact Subdivision Methods for 3DOF and 5DOF Robot Motion Planning"

5th Place: Ben Ross, Ossining High School, for "An Optimized Analysis of Wind Flows in the Urban Environment and the Identification of Feasible Building Augmented Wind Turbine Sites"

Second and Third Place Winners in their Speaker Sessions:
Biomedical Sciences
High Honors: Adam Ingber, Byram Hills High School
Honors: Elizabeth Klein, Byram Hills High School

Biochemistry, Microbiology, Molecular, and Cellular Biology
High Honors: Samuel Plank, Rondout Valley High School
Honors: Zhun Che, Pelham High School

Behavioral Sciences
High Honors: Adam Nissinoff, Mamaroneck High School
Honors: Claudia Guinansaca-Aguilar, Ossining High School

Physical Sciences
High Honors: Maxim Sokol Diamond, Croton-Harmon High School
Honors: Daniel Scanteianu, Ossining High School

Environmental Sciences
High Honors: Alexis Scott, Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake High School
Honors: Brian Beitler, Scarsdale High School
Poster Presenters
Session 1:
Highest Honors: Miranda Chao, Pelham High School
High Honors: Maria Walsh-Regotti, Ossining High School
Honors: Silas Grossberndt, Fox Lane High School

Session 2:
Highest Honors: Brian Zimmerman, Byram Hills High School
High Honors: Brett Bell, Pelham Memorial High School
Honors: Sylvanna Gross, Suffern High School

Session 3:
Highest Honors: Alexander Kaufman, Horace Greeley High School
High Honors: Xinxin (Cindy) Du, Scarsdale High School
Honors: Marie Syku, Croton-Harmon High School,

Session 4:
Highest Honors: Muhammad Mujtaba Ali, Shaker High School,
High Honors: Vamshi Krishna Adimulam, Monroe Woodbury High School
Honors: Ty Ingram, White Plains High School

As part of its ongoing support of JSHS, the American Chemical Society – Corporation Associates will award the $750 American Chemical Society’s Scholarship for Best Paper to Asa Witt, for his paper, "The Biological Effect of Various Graphene Oxide Reduction Methods."

Other symposium highlights:
· LCDR Steve Bravo, Naval Reserve Officer with the Office of Naval Research, opened the symposium and encouraged science and engineering in the high schools.
· Dr. John Delano, UAlbany Collins Fellow, Chemistry Professor and Associate Dean for the College of Arts and Sciences, welcomed us to the symposium and shared his scientific journey and support for the JSHS program.
· Dr. Eric Block, UAlbany Carla Rizzo Delray Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, author of Garlic and Other Alliums: The Lore and the Science (Royal Society of Chemistry, publisher), delivered the keynote address, entitled “Fifty years of smelling sulfur,” presented a well-received talk about the organic chemistry of sulfur and selenium.
· Dr. Igor Lednev, UAlbany Chemistry Professor, an internationally renowned forensic scientist and member of the Interagency Working Group of the White House Subcommittee on Forensic Science and the National Science and Technology Council, presented on “Lasers Revolutionize Forensic and Medical Diagnostics,” which resulted in an engaging response to the project.

Thank you for your energy, commitment and innovation of science! We wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors.

If you have any questions, kindly reach out to me via email or call the UHS office at 518-442-4148.