Outstanding Student Work

AJRL 420, Fall 2012

-- Professor Thomas Bass

Here is some work produced by students in Media in the Digital Age.

AJRL 499, Spring 2012

-- Professor Thomas Bass

Here is some of the work produced by students in the Journalism Honors Seminar

AJRL340, Spring 2011

-- Assistant Professor Rosemary Armao

Students in the international reporting class I teach write one assignment that is peculiarly close to home. They must tell the story of how their family ended up -- or stayed put -- where they are.

The students interview parents and grandparents, great aunts and uncles, getting them to recount family legends and asking them questions as if they were strangers. They go through scrapbooks and historical accounts to document memories. They try to fill in lost information with period research. They try to reconstruct the emotions, economics, dangers and thrills of emigration, migration or eviction.

The lessons of this assignment are that: cross-cultural reporting is not really so exotic since people everywhere seek the same things, a better life, love and comforts, a future for their children. And second, that globalization is nothing abstract at all. It's really all about immigration, migration and evictions, which our own ancestors also went through.

I love reading these papers. A typical UAlbany class of 45 contains the descendants of Native Americans, African slaves, and immigrants from Italy, Russia, Ireland and throughout Latin America. Here are some of the best papers of the Spring 2011 semester: