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Spring 2016:

Magazine founder Ann Marie Gardner meeting with Entrepreneurial Journalism students

Professor Thomas Bass, back right, and students in the Entrepreneurial Journalism course welcome Ann Marie Gardner, from center, founder of Modern Farmer which won a National Magazine Award after its third edition, co-founder of Monocle and former editor of T, The New York Times' style and travel magazine. Gardner talks with students as they pitch their own ideas for starting media companies and developing new forms of news gathering and reporting. Photographer: Paul Miller

The following list is an archive of news related to the Journalism Program: 

  • Tuesday, 3/8/16  Prof. Thomas Bass’ review of Adam Kucharski’s book The Perfect Bet appears in the March 8, 2016, edition of The Wall Street Journal. Bass has written about the nexus of science and gambling and Kucharski in this book tackles questions like whether poker is a game of skill or luck and how investing and gambling are similar.
    Tuesday, 3/8/16  2010 grad Kate Hoit's role in helping veterans cope with that change won special recognition last week from First Lady Michelle Obama at a Women's History Month Event at the U.S. Capitol.
  • Monday, 3/7/16 Journalism Program Director Rosemary Armao along with Albany Law Professor Donna E. Young, and History Professor Barry C. Trachtenberg, will participate in a panel and Q&A on Academic Freedom Friday, March 25, from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. The event will be held in Assembly Hall. It is being sponsored by UAlbany and the UUP.
  • Tuesday, 2/23/16 Professors Rosemary Armao and Thomas Bass will lead workshops in investigative reporting in Tunisia this summer, where they are helping to develop a Center for Investigative Reporting.
  • Monday, 1/25/16 Prof. Thomas Bass, who has worked in and written extensively about Vietnam, has an article in the Jan. 22 edition of Foreign Policy magazine titled, "The Ugly Thugs Running Vietnam Aren't Experimenting with Democracy." It posits that while tourism and international trade negotiations indicate things are going well with America's old enemy, censorship, religious oppression, and human rights violations tell a different story about the "new" Vietnam.
  • Tuesday, 1/11/16 2016 Journalism scholarship application forms are now available on our Awards and Prizes page.
  • Sunday, 12/13/15 Prof. Thomas Bass has been selected as a fellow to the Scripps Howard Journalism Entrepreneurship Institute, which will be held in January at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University. This five-day workshop for competitively selected professors will be followed by UAlbany offering its first course in Entrepreneurial Journalism in Spring 2016.
  • Tuesday, 10/27/15: WAMC will be taping its Media Project program at UAlbany on Thursday, Oct. 29. The local NPR affiliate has invited Journalism students to listen in and to pose questions about current media news to panelists Alan Chartock of WAMC, Rex Smith, executive editor of the Albany Times Union and UAlbany Prof. Rosemary Armao. The program, sponsored by the Capital District Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists and the Journalism Program will run from 1:15 to 2:35 p.m. in the Standish Room of the Science Library. (An SPJ business meeting will precede the taping at 1 p.m.)
  • Wednesday, 9/30/15: Prof. Rosemary Armao wrote about Journalism Program alum Danyal Mohammadezeh’s near two-year quest to win asylum in the US. Mohammadezeh, an Iranian national, became endangered when Wikileaks dumped 225,000 secret diplomatic cables into public view in 2010. One of those cables talked about his conversations with American diplomats in Turkey about student protests in Tehran. Unhappily he can’t prove he’s in danger because American officials are not allowed to look at Wikileaks information .
  • Tuesday, 9/29/15: Prof. Nancy Roberts published an op-ed piece on social activist and pacifist Dorothy Day one day after Pope Francis named her as one of four notable Americans in a speech before Congress. Right Wing commentators were furious at the inclusion of Day, whom they consider a Communist. Roberts who has researched and written extensively about the founder of the Catholic Workers’ newspaper set the record straight.
  • Fall 2015: Prof. Elaine Salisbury is writing science/environment stories for the Watershed Post, a weekly that covers the Catskill region. See some of her work here and here
  • Fall 2015: Prof. Thomas Bass has been appointed a founding board member of the Museum of Political Corruption which explores New York State's history of political corruption and those mechanisms that have allowed corruption to flourish.
  • Monday, 6/22/15:  Professor Nancy Roberts' article, "Meridel Le Sueur, Dorothy Day, and the Literary Journalism of Advocacy During the Great Depression" was recently published in Literary Journalism Studies (Vol. 7, No. 1, Spring 2015, pp. 44-57). Read the article here.
  • Tuesday, 4/21/15:  UAlbany Journalism alumna Crystal Baumes '14 joins the Times Union newsroom staff full-time as an editorial designer.
  • Monday 2/9/15: Professor Thomas Bass publishes an editorial in The Washington Post and a 13-part series in Index on Censorship.
  • Fri 1/26/2015: Professors Rosemary Armao and Thomas Bass led journalism workshops for master’s students at the Tunisian Press Institute in January 2015. The UAlbany Journalism Program and the Organized Crime and Corruption Program of southeast Europe have been working together under a U.S. State Department grant for three years to develop one of the first graduate programs in investigative reporting in the Arab World.
  • Tues 11/25/2014: Professor Nancy Roberts publishes her keynote address about literary journalism scholarship: Nancy L. Roberts, “Firing the Canon: The Historical Search for Literary Journalism’s Missing Links,” Keynote address, International Association for Literary Journalism Studies, Toronto, Canada, May 2012, Literary Journalism Studies, vol. 4, no. 2 (Fall 2012), pp. 81-94. Click here. And here is the response:  John Tulloch, “Kicking the Canon in the Breeches,” Literary Journalism Studies, vol. 4, no. 2 (Fall 2012), pp.95-99.
  • Wed 4/9/2014: Professor Thomas Bass has an article published in the Daily Beast.  The Daily Beast
  • Wed 1/8/2014: Former Journalism Program Editor-In-Residence and beloved teacher Don Forst passes away at 81. Times Union | NY Times | Fox News
  • Thu 11/21/2013: Thomas Bass publishes op-ed in The Washington Post
  • Wed 10/9/2013: Celebrate the 40th anniversary of UAlbany's Journalism program on Wednesday, October 10th with prize-winning author William Kennedy
  • Sat 6/22/2013: Journalism prof Thomas Bass publishes an article in The Atlantic on politics and religion in Tunisia
  • Mon 3/14/2013: Journalism Program student Eric Krupke posts an audio report from Rosemary Armao's broadcast class.
  • Thu 2/14/2013: Journalism Program student Christopher Kear has article published inTimes Union.
  • Fri 2/1/2013: Journalism Program graduate Wenwen Ren screens her 40-minute documentary, "500 Kilometers to Summer," about migrant workers' children in China, at the NYU News and Documentary film festival on February 9, 2013.
  • Thu 11/15/2012: UAlbany Journalism alum Erin Pihlaja, a writer for Metroland, talks about careers in Journalism.
  • Fri 11/9/2012: Journalism prof Steve Barnes talks about lap dances, art on The Colbert Report.
  • Wed 11/7/2012: UAlbany, Tunisia partner in Journalism program
  • Mon 9/10/2012: Oprah describes Professor Laney Salisbury as having written "one of this summer's best books."
  • Mon 9/10/2012: In May, Nancy Roberts gave the keynote address in Toronto at theInternational Association for Literary Journalism Studies. In March, she moderated a panel at the Joint Journalism and Communication Historians annual meeting in New York City. Since Fall 2011, she has been the book review editor for Literary Journalism Studies.
  • Mon 9/10/2012: Thomas Bass writes for The Huffington Post and Tablet.
  • Mon 9/10/2012: Emeritus professor William Rainbolt makes a movie on mummies.
  • Thu 11/3/2011: Rosemary Armao wins international investigative reporting award.
  • Tue 9/6/2011: Rosemary Armao blogs for the Albany TU and co-hosts "The Media Project" at WAMC
  • Wed 6/15/2011: UAlbany JRL student anchors news for major New York TV channel
  • Wed 6/8/2011: Graduation Ceremony 2011
  • Tue 9/21/2010: Rosemary Armao to be featured speaker at news conference in Washington DC
  • Fri 7/30/2010: Rosemary Armao writes groundbreaking report for NED
  • Sat 7/10/2010: JRL students make news
  • Wed 5/26/2010: Rosemary Armao profiles Don Forst for the TU
  • Thu 5/13/2010: Jon Campbell, '10, talks about the ASP
  • Mon 5/10/2010: Rosemary Armao appears on The Media Project (WAMC)
  • Wed 5/5/2010: 2010 Journalism Program award winners
  • Fri 4/30/2010: 35th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War
  • Tue 4/13/2010: Q & A with author Ryan Smithson
  •  JRL student Samantha Irvin profiled on UAlbany website
  • Fri 3/26/2010: ASP Profile
  • Tue 3/9/2010: Chancellor Zimpher speaks to AJRL 499 Senior Honors Project in Journalism Students
  • Thu 1/21/2010: Cristina Rodriguez-Ruiz covers student life for the Times Union
  • Fri 12/4/2009: Jayson Blair speaks to UAlbany JRL students
  •  Ethics and Excellence in Journalism