Program in Journalism


The Journalism Program offers a wide array of courses in nonfiction writing, media analysis and production, and the history and global context of journalism in the 21st century. The Program also offers workshops that concentrate on student writing and editing, as well as courses that address the legal and ethical issues confronting journalists today.

The Program's courses and internships prepare students for work as journalists, freelance writers, TV producers, broadcasters, webcasters, editors, magazine and book publishers, copy writers, and public advocates. The Journalism Program also provides excellent preparation for students who wish to pursue careers in related fields, such as law, government, history, educational policy, teaching, and research.

While offering survey courses that review the history and development of journalism from its early days in print to its new electronic formats, the Program also gives students hands-on experience with writing newspaper and magazine articles and producing webzines and other electronic forms of journalism. Our internship program encourages students to work at television and radio stations, newspapers and magazines, publishing houses, governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, and public relations firms.

Students may choose Journalism as either a major or minor, and--space permitting--our courses are open to undergraduates in all fields. Journalism majors may apply for admission to the Honors Program. Students majoring in Journalism are strongly encouraged to study at least one foreign language. 

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