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vIC Service to be Suspended on 12-19-2014!
Access to the virtual Information Commons (vIC) will be temporarily suspended beginning on December 19, 2014. Changes in licensing may preclude ITS from continuing to offer this service. Information on the future availability of the vIC will be forthcoming.

Ready for Intersession?
Do you know where you're working during the Intersession Energy Savings Initiative? Fear not; ITS has got you covered! While most online services are available from anywhere with an Internet connection, some ITS offices will be operating at reduced hours or closed. Learn more about accessing IT services or check our hours during Intersession.  

Beware of Holiday Cyber Scams
As we approach the holiday season, be forewarned that cyber crooks are looking forward to holiday shopping too--at your expense! Here are three cyber scams designed to capture payment information or install malware on your computer:

  • Coupon offers for free, high-end electronics (mobile phones, tablets, etc.) are currently all over the Internet. If it's too good to be true, it isn't!
  • Beware of alerts for package deliveries from FedEx, UPS or the USPS. If they ask for personal information, they are likely not genuine.
  • A fake refund scam purportedly from retailers or hotel chains claiming a "wrong transaction" and instructing you to "click for a refund." Unexpected messages with links or attachments often lead to malicious software being installed on your computer.

Think that message might be a hoax? Check out our Catch of the Day for sample phishing messages, or email We'll be happy to answer questions and evaluate the legitimacy of the message.

Meet Our New Directors
Mike Bartoletti joined ITS as the director of University Applications Development in July 2014. Mike has over 20 years of experience implementing and operating mission-critical applications in multiple enterprises, including GE, CDPHP, Nfrastructure and the Research Foundation for SUNY. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Studies from Syracuse University and PMP and ITIL certifications.

Jeanne Weber joined ITS as director of Enterprise Infrastructure Services in October 2014. She brings years of technical expertise from the education, global financial systems, credit card processing and banking industries, and has served as a statewide leader on a variety of technical committees. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Science Technology from Binghamton University.

New University Data Center and IT Building
On September 30, 2014, UAlbany formally dedicated its new IT Building and new State-of-the-Art Data Center.  Read more about the new advanced-capacity Information Technology building and Data Center at UAlbany's News or The Daily Gazette.  

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