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Beware of Tax Fraud!
Looking forward to a refund this year? If so, be on the lookout for a wide range of scams. Tax fraud is flourishing in the digital age. Three of the most popular schemes include: 1) phishing and malware; 2)  identity theft and filing false returns; and 3) impersonation scams. Read our full Security Advisory to protect your identity--and your refund--this year.

MATLAB Comes to UAlbany
The University has acquired a MATLAB license to support the curriculum in Computer Engineering and Applied Sciences. All students, faculty, researchers and staff now have free access to MatLab, Simulink and the companion toolboxes. These powerful programs, designed to analyze programs and systems, are core to teaching and learning in computer engineering and applied sciences. Students can experiment, discover and explore while developing the skills they need to be competitive in their discipline. Get started with MATLAB.

Computer Applications Classes
All ITS computer applications classes are open to University students, faculty and staff free of charge. These non-credit classes are intended for individuals with basic computer skills. For more information about classes, visit

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The University will never ask for your password.  You can safely delete any messages asking for your personal or login information, no matter who they claim to be from.  You can check out bogus messages received by members of the University campus community at







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