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We did it!

All  ITS-managed services, CAS file shares and Library equipment have been successfully relocated to the new Data Center.

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Did You Know?
ITS has virtualized approximately 90% of the University's server environment. Virtual servers are more efficient, easier to manage, and have a smaller footprint than their physical counterparts. Our virtual environment enabled ITS to move numerous campus services to the new Data Center without any interruption to the campus community. More physical equipment would have likely required additional outages to relocate all campus IT services.

Campus IT Services Have Moved!  
The last pieces of ITS equipment and services were moved on Friday, August 8 - Saturday, August 9. Evreything went smoothly and campus IT services were back online ahead of schedule.

Lincoln files shares (also known as the U: and V: drives) were moved as scheduled on Wednesday, August 6 from 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM.

ITS successfully completed the second phase of our move to the new Data Center on Saturday, July 26. Everything went smoothly and all campus IT services were back online by 3:15 PM, nearly 3 hours ahead of schedule. Congratulations and thank you to the many ITS staff who made this possible.

The Research IT Group moved their equipment into the new IT Building on Monday, July 14. All RIT-supported storage and systems were migrated and back online by Wednesday, July 16 at 1:15 PM--a full day and a half ahead of schedule! Special thanks to everyone in ITS with a role in this success story, especially Brian Macherone, Rob See, Anne Shelton and Eric Warnke.

Visit ITS News for more information on the move and for the availability of Library services.

OneDrive for Business News
The OneDrive for Business quota for each person has been raised from 25GB to 1TB! Everyone now has 40X more space!

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