"Teaching Day on Stopping Violence Against Women"
--Frankie Y. Bailey

"Fulbright Scholar from Cameroon in Residence at the University at Albany"
--Eloise Briere

"The Africana Women in Film Festival"
--Freda Scott Giles

"Historian Explores Eleanor Roosevelt's Legacy"
--Iris Berger


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Director's Notes...

Iris Berger

The coming year brings many exciting changes to the University at Albany campus and to IROW. With its own office for the first time and a shared secretary with Women's Studies, the Institute for Research on Women is moving toward creating the infrastructure in needs to support ongoing and future programs. Although the current office is in Ten Broeck (where the History Department has moved), we are slated to receive space near Women's Studies next year. These important developments, growing out of the formation of the College of Arts and Sciences, will facilitate new joint projects with Women's Studies.

The other critical news in Jan hagen's willingness to serve as Acting Director of IROW while I am on leave during the fall semester. As an Executive Board member since 1991 and as the co-chair last year of the IROW-led project on stopping violence against women, she has both the experience and the knowledge of IROW to do a wonderful job. I am immensely grateful to her.

Unfortunately, however, the news is not all good. The loss of IROW Associate Director Sucheta Muzumdar to Duke University leaves a gap in energy, organizing skills, and ideas that will not easily be filled. Sucheta will continue to work on the upcoming conference, which will bring her back to Albany in April. But all of us who have worked with her will miss her presence on campus.

The conference on "Women in the Global Economy: Making Connections" that we have been planning for some time is scheduled for April 22-24, 1994. Mark your calendars now! With generous support from the Ford Foundation, the conference will address the experience of working-class women, past and present, in Africa, Asia, Latin American, and the United States. In an effort to formulate new organizing strategies, scholars and union activists will examine case studies from workers in clothing, textiles, electronics, and the informal sector and will explore the approaches of unions to racism, feminism, and working in a global context. In addition to U.S.-based participants, speakers are being invited from South Africa, Hong Kong, Mexico, and Canada. More detailed information will be available shortly.

In addition to the conference, IROW continues to highlight international issues in several other ways. We warmly welcome Pauline Nalova Lyonga, a Cameroonian feminist scholar who will be on campus for the academic year. As a Fulbright visitor hosted by the Department of French Studies and IROW, Professor Lyonga will be available to speak to classes on her many areas of interest. In November she will present a colloquium entitled "Communicative Patterns of Indigenous Women and Changing Structures in African Literature and Society" cosponsored by the Department of French Studies, the Department of Africana Studies, and IROW.

The Women's Studies Department and IROW also co-sponsored a reception on October 19th in honor of Dean Judith Gillespie and new IROW associates as well as new faculty in Women's Studies. Bonnie Spanier, chair of Women's Studies, and Jan Hagen welcomed Dean Gillespie and those who recently joined women's studies and IROW.

I am also pleased to announce that, at the urging of IROW, the University Library has acquired an important collection from the International Women's Tribune Center in New York. Founded in response to the first United Nations conference on women, the Center has gathered extensive, often rare, material from women's organizations around the world. The twenty-five boxes that the library has received include pamphlets and periodicals as well as a set of Spanish-language materials. This material and additional items scheduled to arrive in the future will provide students, faculty, and other researchers with a unique resource.

Finally, additional thanks are due to Jan Hagen for editing this issue of the newsletter and also to several other people: Edna Acosta Belen and Chris Bose, who have generously offered to help with conference planning during the fall; to kathy Trent who has collated the news of IROW members for this issue; and to Olga Rakvica, recently retired from the Dean's office, who has been secretary of the Institute for Research on Women since 1987. Her consistently high quality support has been the basis of all that IROW has accomplished. I now look forward to working with our new secretary, Donna LaHue, who will be equally important to our achievements during the coming year.

Volume V, No. 2
November 1993

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