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Christine E. Bose

IROW is now beginning its third year of operations, and I am pleased to report that there are an increasing number of activities coming to fruition.

We have received many requests for papers from our March 1989 International Conference on Women and Development and, while we have sold out all the remaining copies, we are pleased to report that many of them will appear as articles in a special issue of the journal Gender & Society scheduled to appear in September 1990.

About that time, another of our publications will also be available. IROW is cosponsoring with the Women's Task Force of the Latin American Studies Association (LASA), and some financial support from LASA itself, the publication of the volume, Incorporating Latin American and Caribbean Women into the Curriculum. This is a curriculum guide with information on strategies and examples of how gender has been incorporated into various kinds of Latin American and Caribbean Studies courses. In fact, we would appreciate your forwarding appropriate course outlines or brief articles on curriculum integration to us [see General Announcements].

In a related project, IROW Associate Director, Edna Acosta-Belen and myself are preparing to submit a grant proposal to the Ford Foundation, at their invitation, on incorporating Puerto Rican women into mainstream research and teaching. Look for more information on this project in our next newsletter!

Turning to other IROW goals, we have continued to foster our linkages with other research institutes. In June 1989 we were able to attend our first meeting of the National Council for Research on Women as full members. This organization allows us the opportunity to share information with other U.S. centers, and the meetings in Washington, D.C. were stimulating and useful. Internationally, we plan to hold another meeting of our Latin American and Caribbean Women's Studies Network when the LASA meetings are rescheduled for December 1989. [The meetings were planned for San Juan, Puerto Rico in September. However, Hurricane Hugo has caused a postponement of this international congress.]

Finally, I am pleased to report that our grant proposal review service is now available to IROW colleagues. IROW members who have been reviewers for various grant agencies have volunteered to read draft proposals or share information on the funders in order to improve our collective chances of receiving grants and fellowships.

All of these projects and others are described in our new IROW brochure. Members will receive a copy shortly, and more are available by request. We are pleased with our progress to date, and look forward to having more of you involved in IROW activities and grant-seeking efforts.

Volume II, No. 1
November 1989

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