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Christine E. Bose

IROW is now ending its third year of operations, and I am pleased to report that there are an increasing number of projects coming to fruition.

Our international activities continue to flourish. Many of the papers from our March 1989 International Conference on Women and Development will appear in September 1990 as a special guest-edited issue of the journal Gender & Society. We have received many requests for the conference papers, and expect this volume to be well received too. In addition, IROW will co-publish will the center for Latin America and the Caribbean (CELAC) and the Women's Task Force of the Latin American Studies Association (LASA), the volume Incorporating Latin American and Caribbean Women into the Curriculum, a publication resulting from our connections and networking with women's studies programs and centers in Costa Rica, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Furthermore, IROW and CELAC have submitted a grant proposal to the United States Information Agency to support faculty exchanges with El Colegio de Mexico and the Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica at Heredia around the theme of "Women in the Building of the New World." Finally, IROW and CELAC jointly sponsored a Latin American Women Film Festival during the University at Albany's World Week in March 1990.

A second major project area has been in incorporating women's diverse experiences into research and the curriculum. Recently, IROW has secured a grant for $115,000 from the Ford Foundation for a joint project with CELAC on "Incorporating Puerto Rican Women into the Curriculum and Research." Another dimension of this work is the development of a bibliographic data base on Puerto Rican women, funded by a grant from the New York State/United University Professions Joint Labor Management Committees. Both projects are described in articles herein.

Finally, major asset in always the activities of our faculty associates and the graduate students working with them. They continue to receive grants and awards, and to publish and deliver conference papers at a rate more rapid than we can fully cover in this newsletter. Nonetheless, we urge you to examine the listing of recent faculty activities and the article on the burgeoning graduate level research on gender issues here at the University at Albany to see the scope of our work.

Volume II, No. 2
June 1990

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