"Building Linkages: A Women's Studies Network with Latin America and the Caribbean"

"Investigating the History of Latin American Women: The Brazilian Case"
--June E. Hahner

"Studying Women's History at SUNY/Albany"
--Iris Berger

"The University at Albany: a Major Center for Women's Research"

"New Graduate Certificate Program in Women and Public Policy"
--Carolyn Ban


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Christine E. Bose

Our Institute for Research on Women (IROW) began operation in September 1987 with the goal of bringing together specialists from a wide variety of disciplines to engage in individual or collaborative research on women. We have an inter-college structure as a unit of both the College of Humanities and Fine Arts and the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, and there are currently 47 faculty associates representing 24 departments or programs. The Institute has several particular goals.

The first and primary goal is to promote and facilitate research and scholarship on women. During our first year of operation we sponsored two workshops on how and where to obtain grant funding for research on women: one by Mariam Chamberlain of the National Council for Research on Women and one by Phyllis Moen of the National Science Foundation. We have already received a SUNY Albany Affirmative Action Grant to continue this very successful series in 1988-89. Our Institute is also developing a strong international research focus. In this regard, a grant proposal for a collaborative project, "Building Linkages: A Women's Studies Network with Latin America and the Caribbean" was submitted to the Tinker Foundation, and to date has successfully passed the first stage review. The details of this project are described below. IROW is also encouraging research by holding annual faculty discussions, such as its opening reception and through this newsletter.

Our second goal is to establish linkages and explore possible collaborations with other women's research centers in the United States and internationally. IROW's application for membership in the National Council for Research on Women, and future attendance at Council meetings, is intended as a primary method of establishing formal linkages with other research institutes. Locally, we are already working with the Center for Women in Government at SUNYA to jointly sponsor a conference on International Studies of Comparable Worth in Spring 1990. As detailed else-where in this newsletter, IROW will continue to pursue linkages with Latin American Women's Research Centers and will be moving forward with the construction of a data base of research on women in Latin America, as well as with our conference on Women and Development planned for March 1989.

Our third goal is to hold a biennial conference, and in fact we are currently planning two conferences sequentially, rather than biennially. This is made possible by collaboration with the Center for Women in Government on one of them-a conference on International Studies of Comparable Worth. Another conference on Women and Development is being planned for March 1989 and funds to support this event have been requested from the Tinker Foundation and from the SUNYA Conference and Journal Committee. The final speaker roster will be confirmed in July, and brochures will be distributed nationally during Fall 1988. Anyone wishing to work on this conference should call Chris Bose and leave a message at 442-4670 (Sociology).

Our fourth and final goal is to provide support and consultant services. We plan a brochure and directory of research interests on campus to be available in Fall 1988, and we are considering a service to provide helpful comments on grant proposal drafts. And of course, the IROW News is available to bring information to members and other colleagues. In fact, we thank Edna Acosta-Belen for editing most of this issue, and are actively seeking volunteers to edit or co-edit future issues.

We are excited about IROW's activities during its first year and are looking forward to an even stronger second year.

Volume I, No. 1
July 1988

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