University at Albany

Let Your Voice Be Heard!

General Election Information:

Tuesday, November 8, 2016 is Election Day and the University encourages you to exercise your right to vote on that day.

Where Do I Vote?

Below you find information regarding local polling sites. If you have any questions, please direct them to the Office of Student Involvement at or (518) 442-5566.

All polls open at 6:00 a.m. and close at 9:00 p.m.

On-Campus Residents

Students who register with an on-campus quad address can vote at the following locations. Please check your voter registration at the New York State Board of Elections web site to ensure you are registered with the address of the quad you are currently living on.

Quad Polling Site
Liberty Terrace Campus Center Ballroom
Empire Commons Campus Center Ballroom
Freedom Quad Campus Center Ballroom
Colonial Quad Campus Center Ballroom
State Quad Campus Center Ballroom
Dutch Quad Campus Center Ballroom
Alumni Quad Albany High School
Indian Quad Campus Center Ballroom

Off-Campus & Commuter Students

Students who registered to vote with an off-campus address must check the New York State Board of Elections web site for your polling location.

For students who plan to vote in their home counties, please contact your county board of elections for your correct poll site information. If you live in the City of New York, visit for your poll site information.

2016 Voting by Absentee Ballot Deadlines

If you are registered in another New York State county and will be unable to vote in person on Election Day, you may request a New York State absentee ballot application.

To request an absentee ballot to vote outside of New York State, visit the Board of Elections web site for your home county.


Date Deadline Information
Nov. 1 Last day to postmark an application or letter of application by mail for an absentee ballot.
Nov. 7 Last day to apply IN-PERSON for absentee ballot.
Nov. 7 Last day to postmark ballot. Must be received by the local board of elections no later than Nov. 15th. Military Voter Ballots must be received no later than Nov. 21st.
Nov. 8 Last day to deliver ballot IN-PERSON to the local board of elections (by someone other than the voter).