Academic Forms

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Administrative Forms

  • Application for Admission in Advanced Standing (only eligible to students with a Master's degree)     rtf     pdf
  • Application for Exemption from Degree and Track Requirements     rtf     pdf
  • Application and Information for Transfer of Credit to a Master's Program     rtf     pdf
  • Independent Study Proposal     rtf     pdf
  • M.S.I.S. Track Change Request Form     rtf     pdf
  • Program Requirements Checklist (to be completed before Internship)  rtf  pdf
  • New York Public Librarian Professional Certificate Form*
    *The University at Albany submits a list of graduated M.S.I.S. degree students to the NYS Education Department at the end of each semester; therefore, students do not need to include a transcript when submitting their “Application for Public Librarian’s Professional Certificate.”

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