Course Offerings:

For complete course descriptions see the Informatics courses page.

How does an Informatics Minor Add Value to Your Studies?

The growth of information technology in virtually all disciplines and workplaces has created a need for many students to have more than a basic introduction to technology.

For that reason, the Informatics minor is available to students interested in applying technology in their primary fields of study. Students in any major (except Information Studies) may choose the minor. It permits them to strengthen their abilities in any field, whether it is in art, science, or business.

Students must take six CCI courses (18-19 credits) in such areas as online information retrieval, programming, Web and systems technologies, and databases and data modeling.

A minimum of 18 graduation credits including ICSI 101 or 110 or 201 or BITM 215; IIST 100, IINF 201, and IINF 202; and one of the following four options:

  • General: Any two courses from among ICSI 203, 204, 205, 300, I IST 423, 424, BITM 330. This option is not open to students with a major in Information Studies.
  • Communication (COM majors only): Any two courses from among ACOM 369, 375, 430Z, and 465.
  • Criminal Justice (CRJ majors only): Any two courses from among RCRJ 393, 399, and 692 (this course is open only to majors enrolled in the combined B.A./M.A. program in CRJ).
  • Geography (GOG majors only): Any two courses from among AGOG 385, 406, 414, and 485.

For More Information, contact the Informatics Minor Adviser infminor [at] albany [dot] edu.