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Ph.D. Graduates

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            Andrew J. Hurd

            An Exploratory Study of Student Instructional Choice in Online Learning

            Stephen A. Lackey

            Integrating Place and Time with Tasks:  Supporting the Student Commuter

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            Lenore Horowitz

            Exploring the Impact of Program Structure on Student and Faculty Scholarly Communities     
            in Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Programs

            Kuang-Yuan Huang

            Healthcare Virtual Support Communities: Pillars of Support and Companionship
             *Distinguished Dissertation Award Recipient

            Jonathan Muckell

            Compression of GPS Trajectory Data: Benchmarking Framework and New Approach
             *Distinguished Dissertation Award Recipient

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            Sherly Abraham

            Exploring the Effectiveness of Information Security Training and Persuasive Messages            

            Vivid Chen

            Ensuring the Effectiveness of Information Security Policy: The Development and Validation     
            of an Information Security Policy Model

            Yu-Hui Chen

            A Longitudianl Study of Undergraduate Students' Perceptions and Use Patterns of The     
            University Libraries Web Portal: Does Information Literacy Instruction Play A Role?

            Lusine Dadayan

            Health Information Technology: A Multiple Perspective Analysis

            Carol Anne Germain

            Maintaining Persistent Scholarship: The Case of University at Albany Dissertations

            Mohammed Gharawi

            Factors Influencing Sharing Activities in Transnational Public Sector Knowledge     
            Networks: The Case of Mobile Disease Surveillance System Adoption in the 2009 Hajj

            Xiaoai Ren

            Multiple Case Studies of Public Library Systems in New York State: Service     
            Decision-Making Processes

            Donald Robadue Jr.

            Modeling for Policy Change: a Feedback Perspective on Improving the Effectiveness 
            of Coastal and Marine Management

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            Hsia-Chia Chang

            Rehashing Information Architecture: Exploring Human-Information Interaction of     
            Collaborative Tagging using Twitter Hashtags

            Namjoo Choi

            Being Loyal, Acting on It! Loyalty, Ideology and Identification: 
            An Empirical Study in the Free/Libre Open Source Software Context
             *Distinguished Dissertation Award Recipient

            Dawit Demisse

            Investigating Users’ Acceptance of Learning Community Management System (LCMS) in     
            the Commonwealth of The Bahamas: A Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of     
            Technology (UTAUT) Framework Approach

            Ira Goldstein

            Automated Classification of the Narrative of Medical Reports using Natural Language

            Tung-Mou Yang

            Extending Current Theories of Cross-Boundary Information Sharing and Integration: A Case     
            Study of Taiwan e-Government

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            Andrea Baker

            The Schenectady Virtual Internet Community: Exploring the Ecology of Political Discourse     
            in a Local Context

            Robin Burk

            Toward a Theory-Based Natural Language Capability in Robots and Other Embodied     
            Agents: Evaluating Hausser's SLIM Theory and Database Semantics

            Meg Fryling

            Total Cost of Ownership, System Acceptance and Perceived Success of Enterprise     
            Resource Planning Software: Simulating a Dynamic Feedback Perspective of ERP in the     
            Higher Education Environment

            Devendra Potnis

            Mobile Technologies and Socio-Economic Opportunities for Disadvantaged Women:     
            A Study of Information Behavior in a Developing Nation Context

            Prahalad Rangan

            Polymorphic Attacks and Network Topology: Application of Concepts from Natural Systems

            Andrew Whitmore

            Toward a Policy Framework for the Design of Economic Information Packages

            Alexis Marie Wichowski

            The Myth of Fragmentation: Assessing Political Information Online
              *Distinguished Dissertation Award Recipient

            Leslie Wood

            Consumer Responses in Sales to Multiple Media Advertising Exposures – Synergy –     
            A Study of Project Apollo Single Source Data

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            Bahadir Akcam

            Socio-technical Processes in Interorganizational Emergency Response and Recovery     
            Process at the World Trade Center

            Sunita Goel

            Qualitative Information in Annual Reports & the Detection of Corporate Fraud:     
            A Natural Language Processing Perspective
             *Distinguished Dissertation Award Recipient

            Anne Matheus

            Factors Affecting the Successful Use of Web Sites

            Fawzi Mulki

            The Effects of Leadership and Authority on Cross-Boundary Information Sharing in     
            Response to Public Health Crises: A Comparative Study Between the United State and Jordan

            Kwang Seok Yoon

            Testing the Firestone and McElroy Knowledge Management Model: An Empirical Study

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            David Adkins

            The Use of Social Network Analysis to Measure Knowledge Sharing in the New York     
            State Project Management Community of Practice

            Jason Chen

            The Dynamics of Bilateral Intellectual Property Negotiations: Asia and the United States
              *Distinguished Dissertation Award Recipient

            William Doane

            Predicting Student Performance in Introductory Computer Programming Courses

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            Pindaro Demertzoglou

            An Exploration of the Factors Affecting Consideration of Usage of Open Source     
            Databases in Organizations

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           Maggie Cusack

            A Prototype in Geographic Information Systems Using Archived Intelligent     
            Transportation Systems Data for Multidimensional Analysis

            Kumari Vadivel Gurusamy

            Using NDVI-based Measures to Derive Geographic Information on     
            Drought-Prone Areas for Developing Countries
              *Distinguished Dissertation Award Recipient

             Chui-Chun Lee

            The Role of Trust in Information Sharing: A Study of Relationships in the     
            Interorganizational Network of Real Property Assessors in New York State

            Wei-Tsong (Willie) Wang

            Strategic Alignment: A Knowledge Management Approach to Crisis Management

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            Colene Byrne

            Impact of Prospective Computerized Clinical Decision Support Information and     
            Targeted Assistance on Nursing Home Resident Outcomes

            Jinwon Ho

            A Comprehensive Model for Assessing Information Value: Toward a Theory     
            for Valuing Information Technology Investment

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            Derek Asoh

            Business and Knowledge Strategies: Alignment and Performance Impact Analysis

            Christian Bach

            Increase of Organizational Performance in Complex Knowledge-intensive Industries     
            Through the Employment of IT Applications

            Frank DeRobertis

            Parallelizing Object Oriented Queries with Networked PC's - An Exploratory Study

            Luis F. Luna-Reyes

            Collaboration, Trust and Knowledge Sharing in Information-Technology-Intensive     
            Projects in the Public Sector
              *Distinguished Dissertation Award Recipient

            Corinne Nyquist

            Sharing and Accessing Electronic Information: Case Studies from New York State     
            and Local Government

            Matthew Pelish

            University Technology Transfer and Information Processing: The Influence of Factors and Fit

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            Vedat G. Diker

            Toward a Dynamic Feedback Theory of Open Online Collaboration Communities

            Eitel Lauria

            Learning Structure and Parameters of Bayesian Belief Networks: An Application     
            and a Methodology in Information Technology Implementation

            Jing Zhang

            Cross-Boundary Knowledge Sharing: A Case Study of Building the Multi-Purpose     
            Access for Customer Relations & Operational Support (MACROS) System
              *Distinguished Dissertation Award Recipient

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            Robert Bois

            Decisions within Complex Systems: An Experimental Approach Using the     
            STRATEGEM-2 Computer Game

           Ingrid E. Fisher

            Temporal Reconstruction of Financial Accounting Standards: A Prototype System     
            for Pension Accounting
              *Distinguished Dissertation Award Recipient

            Pamela M. Neely

            A Framework and Associated Software Tool for the Analysis of Source Data for     
            Data Warehouse: Development and Exploratory Study

            Peter Otto

            Understanding the Misbehavior of Brand Strategies: A Dynamic Modeling Approach

            Eliot H. Rich

            Modeling the Dynamics of Organizational Knowledge
              *Distinguished Dissertation Award Recipient

            Hans J. Scholl

            Firm Survival: A Theory-Integration Study

            Donna L. Silsbee

            NYS Hospital Readiness to Implement Certain Patient Privacy Provisions of the     
            Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

            Jihong Zeng

            Using Keywords/Phrases in Automatically Generating Hypertext Links: An Exploratory Study

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            Guy Cortesi

            The Relation of Communication Channel and Task on Group Composition,     
            Participation, and Performance in Virtual Organizations

            Margaret R. Garnsey

            Classification of Financial Accounting Concepts Through the Use of Latent Semantic     
            Indexing and Clustering Techniques

            Jennifer Goodall Powers

            Trust in Interorganizational Relationships

            Ethyl Sheehy

            Student Teacher Mentoring Program: Teacher Training For Information Literacy in the

            Brook Wu

            Automatic Concept Organization: Organizing Concepts from Text through     
            Probability of Co-occurence Analysis (POCA)

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            Michael Gendron

            Data Quality in the Healthcare Industry

            Maurice Green

            Chief Information Officers in New York State Government Agencies: Critical     
            Competencies Based on Contextual Settings

            Chih-Chung Kao

            An Information-Theoretic Approach to Artificial Neural Networks: Applications in     
            Geographic Information Processing

            Kai R. Larsen

            Implementation of Emerging Technologies in Organizational Settings: Development     
            and Test of the Implementation Research Tool

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            Pamela Akison

            Using Object-Oriented Analysis in Multi-Organizational Environments

            Anne Dowling

            Integrating Regression Analysis and Systems into Public Evaluation

            Craig Fisher

            An Empirically Based Exploration of the Interaction of Time Constraints and     
            Experience Levels on the Data Quality Information (DQI) Factor in Decision-Making

            Martin Fogelman

            A Study of Freedom of Expression and Technology

            Russell Kahn

            Effect of Technological Innovation on Organizational Structure

            Kristine Kelly

            A Systems Approach to Identifying Decisive Information for Sustainable Development

            Glenn Marchi

            Role of the Internet in Learning

            Brett A. Stone

            Business and Knowledge Strategies: Alignment and Performance Impact Analysis

            Robert Yoder

            Design Considerations for Implementing Octree Based 3-D GIS

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            Claire McInerney

            Providing Data, Information, and Knowledge to the Virtual Office

            Mark Nelson

            Integrating Marketing and Information Services-Key Indicators of Effective     
            Cross-Functional Integration on the U.S. Retail Banking Industry

            Theresa Pardo

            Reducing the Risks in Innovative Uses of Information Technology in the Public Sector

            Thomas Tribunella

            A Method of Organizing and Implementing Information Systems for Generally     
            Accepted Accounting Principles

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            Deborah Andersen

            User Driven Technologies: Assessing the Information Needs of History     
            Faculty as a Special User Program

            Francis Whittle

            Universal Access and Economic Development

            Lixin Yu

            Development and Evaluation of a Framework for Assessing the Efficiency and     
            Accuracy of Street Address Geocoding Strategies

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            Mark Giguere

            Electronic Document Description Standards

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            Stephen Bajjaly

            Managing Emerging Information Technology in the Public Sector

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