Informatics FAQ

What is informatics?

When you use technology to meet a particular need, whether it’s creating a uniform health record for patients or improving the water supply in a Third World nation, that’s Informatics.

How is it applied in other disciplines?

Informatics is the bridge between technology and another specific domain, ranging for example from the fine arts to economics and health care. It also often includes a focus on the social and behavioral aspects of information and technology.

Why study informatics?

Learning the effective use of technology helps people to succeed in any field, whether it be art, science, business, education or government.

Who should study informatics?

Informatics is valuable to anyone interested in applying technology and information science to their discipline. It equally serves those who require it to complement another major and anyone going on to receive a doctorate in order to become an academic or corporate researcher.

What kind of jobs can I get with a minor in informatics?

Students with a B.A. or B.S. who majored in any subject acquire extra professional clout with an informatics minor.