BA Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (Faculty-Initiated Interdisciplinary Major in Information Science)

A degree in information studies at UAlbany is the gateway to becoming an information expert in the Information Age. Flexible degree options allow you to tailor a program that gains you the knowledge and real world experience that leads to a rewarding career. 

B.A. Degree

Faculty-Initiated Interdisciplinary Major in Information Science

Information Studies offers this program in cooperation with the departments of Computer Science, Communication, Linguistics and Cognitive Science, Philosophy, and Psychology. Its major areas include: characteristics and properties of information; the flow of information from its origination to utilization; personal, economic, political and social value of information; the cognitive, intellectual and technological structures that govern information transfer; and the public and private organizational environments where information exchange has taken place.

The faculty-initiated interdisciplinary major in Information Science equips graduates with essential skills and a sound knowledge base with which to enter the information industry or to pursue graduate studies.

Classes also provide an introduction to computer programming, Web development, digital imaging, networking, information storage and retrieval, and database management. Students apply theoretical knowledge in practical, real world settings.   

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