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Faculty Within the Department and From Across the University

The core faculty has expertise on such diverse topics as:

  • Electronic information access to libraries
  • privacy-preserving data sharing
  • privacy in social media and location-based services
  • machine learning
  • STEM education
  • cyber-physical systems
  • cyber-security
  • women in information technology
  • computer vision
  • biomedical imaging
  • visual informatics
  • remote sensing
  • ecological modeling
  • GIS applications
  • technology-based higher education curricula structure
  • the use of open content in higher education and online learning programs
  • physical computing
  • 3D printing
  • curriculum development
  • compression algorithms

The Ph.D. program currently has five active specialties:

  • Geographic Information Science (GIS)
  • Information Assurance (IA)
  • Information, Government, and Democratic Society (IGDS)
  • Information in Organizational Environments (IOE)
  • Knowledge Organization and Management (KOM)


        Andersen, Deborah Lines

        Associate Professor
        Campus Address: 140C Draper Hall
        Phone: 518-442-5122
        Email: dla@albany.edu

        Research Interests: Research methods and statistics, electronic information access technologies and their users, public libraries

        Berg, George

        Associate Professor
        Campus Address: BA 310B
        Phone: 518-442-4267
        Email: berg@cs.albany.edu

        Research Interests: Machine learning, computational biology, natural language processing

        Chen, Mei

        Associate Professor
        Campus Address: BA 314
        Phone: 518-442-3171
        Email: meichen@albany.edu

        Research Interests: Computer vision, biomedical imaging, computational photography, robot perception

        Gervais, Norman

        Campus Address: BA 313
        Phone: 518-442-3173
        Email: ngervais@albany.edu

        Research Interests: Remote sensing, ecological modeling, GIS applications

        Horowitz, Lenore Gervais

        Teaching Faculty
        Campus Address: BA311A
        Phone: 518-442-2623
        Email: lhorowitz@albany.edu

        Research Interests: Online pedagogy, the use of open content in education, online higher education curricula structure, mixed methods research approaches

        Knuth, Kevin H.

        Associate Professor
        Campus Address: PH 216
        Phone: 518-772-4760
        Email: kknuth@albany.edu

        Research Interests: Inductive inference and inquiry, source separation of mixed signals, information processing in the brain, identification of relevant causal interactions, astrobiology, intelligent instruments, robotics

        Luna-Reyes, Luis F.

        Associate Professor
        Campus Address: BA-312
        Phone: 518-442 - 3171
        Email: lluna-reyes@albany.edu

        Research Interests: • Dynamic modeling and simulation of socio-technical systems, particularly those related to the implementation and use of Information and Communication Technologies to improve public management and public policy.

        Masoumzadeh, Amirreza

        Assistant Professor
        Campus Address: Business Admin 311
        Phone: 518-442-3165
        Email: amasoumzadeh@albany.edu

        Research Interests: Information security and privacy, including access control policy models and privacy-preserving data sharing in application domains such as social media and location-bases services

        Muckell, Jonathan

        Evergreen Lecturer
        Campus Address: Business Administration 312A
        Phone: 518-442-3171
        Email: jmuckell@albany.edu

        Research Interests: Physical computing, 3D Printing, Geographic Information Systems, curriculum development, compression algorithms

        Shea, Peter

        Associate Professor
        Campus Address: ED 114A
        Phone: 518-442-4009
        Email: pshea@albany.edu

        Research Interests: Student and faculty experience in technology-mediated teaching and learning, teaching presence, community in asynchronous learning networks

      Affiliated Faculty

        Andersen, David Fadum

        Distinguished Service Professor
        Home Department: Public Administration and Policy
        Campus Address: 315 Milne Hall
        Phone: 518-442-5280
        Email: david.andersen@albany.edu

        Research Interests: System Dynamics Simulation; Public Policy Analysis, Information Government and Democratic Society

        Bangert-Drowns, Robert

        Home Department: Educational Theory and Practice
        Campus Address: ED 212
        Phone: 518-442-4988
        Email: rbangert@albany.edu

        Research Interests: Meta-analytic and literature review methodology, instructional design for computer-based instruction, higher-order thinking and literacy

        Bencherki, Nicolas

        Assistant Professor
        Home Department: Communication
        Campus Address: Social Sciences 337
        Phone: 518-442-4874
        Email: nbencherki@albany.edu

        Research Interests: Organizational communication, technology and collaborative work, language and social interaction, theory and philosophy of communication, qualitative methods

        Brandon, Peter

        Home Department: Sociology
        Campus Address: AS 326
        Phone: 518-442-4695
        Email: pbrandon@albany.edu

        Research Interests: Welfare and social policy, family change and diversity, evaluation methods

        Chen, Feng

        Assistant Professor
        Home Department: Computer Science
        Campus Address: LI 96J
        Phone: 518-442-2602
        Email: fchen5@albany.edu

        Research Interests: Detection of emerging events and other relevant patterns in the mobile context and/or data mining of spatial temporal, textual, or social media data

        Chengalur-Smith, Indushobha

        Associate Professor
        Home Department: Information Technology Management
        Campus Address: BB 303C
        Phone: 518-956-8315
        Email: shobha@albany.edu

        Research Interests: Virtual Communities, Open Source Software, Technology Adoption and Implementation, Information Quality and Security, Health Informatics

        Commuri, Suraj

        Associate Professor
        Home Department: Marketing
        Campus Address: BB 397
        Phone: 518-227-0303
        Email: scommuri@albany.edu

        Research Interests: Consumer joint decision making.

        Dawes, Sharon

        Senior Fellow
        Home Department: Center for Technology in Government
        Campus Address: Center for Technology in Government, 187 Wolf Rd, Suite 301
        Phone: 518-442-3892
        Email: sdawes@ctg.albany.edu

        Research Interests: Government information strategy and management, cross-boundary information sharing, international digital government research sector

        Duchessi, Peter J.

        Home Department: Information Technology Management
        Campus Address: BB 307
        Phone: 518-956-8318
        Email: duchessi@albany.edu

        Research Interests: Information technology-enabled business models, securing supply chains with radio frequency identification (RFID) and electronic product code (EPC) technologies, electronic connectivity in modern supply chains

        Eppard, Philip B.

        Department Chair
        Home Department: Information Studies
        Campus Address: DR 106
        Phone: 518-442-5119
        Email: peppard@albany.edu

        Research Interests: Archives, records administration, preservation management, electronic records, history of recorded information

        Faerman, Sue R.

        Distinguished Teaching Professor
        Campus Address: Draper 113
        Phone: 518-956-8240
        Email: sfaerman@albany.edu

        Research Interests: Managerial Leadership, Women and Leadership, Managerial Transitions

        Fisher, Ingrid E.

        Assistant Professor
        Home Department: Accounting and Law
        Campus Address: BB 385
        Phone: 518-956-8365
        Email: ifisher@albany.edu

        Research Interests: Managerial leadership effectiveness, managerial transitions, women and leadership

        Gil-Garcia, J. Ramon

        Associate Professor
        Home Department: Public Administration and Policy
        Campus Address: 187 Wolf Road, Suite 301, Albany, NY 12205
        Phone: 518-442-3892
        Email: jgil-garcia@ctg.albany.edu

        Research Interests: Collaborative electronic government, inter-organizational information integration, smart cities and smart governments, adoption and implementation of emergent technologies, information technologies and organizations, digital divide policies, and multi-method research approaches

        Goel, Sanjay

        Department Chair
        Home Department: Information Technology Management
        Campus Address: BB 311
        Phone: 518-956-8323
        Email: goel@albany.edu

        Research Interests: Application of information technology in business and engineering applications, computer networking and network security (including cryptography and public key infrastructure), network-based distributed computation and availability of services

        Harrison, Teresa

        Collins Fellow
        Home Department: Communication
        Campus Address: SS 340
        Phone: 518-442-4883
        Email: tharrison@albany.edu

        Research Interests: Computer-mediated communication, community applications of new technologies, technology and democracy, digital government, community networking, geographic information systems, urban communication, communication theory, organizational communication

        Iyer, Hemalata

        Associate Professor
        Home Department: Information Studies
        Campus Address: DR 145
        Phone: 518-442-5116
        Email: hiyer@albany.edu

        Research Interests: Knowledge organization and representation; metadata; human information behavior; health information needs and access; culture and representation of information; visual resources management

        Koslowski, Rey

        Assistant Professor
        Home Department: Political Science
        Campus Address: MI 121C
        Phone: 518-442-5314
        Email: rkoslowski@albany.edu

        Research Interests: International relations dealing with international organization, European integration, international migration, information technology, homeland security

        Lawson, Catherine T.

        Associate Professor
        Home Department: Geography and Planning
        Campus Address: AS 214
        Phone: 518-442-4775
        Email: lawsonc@albany.edu

        Research Interests: Travel behavior, freight, archived intelligent transportation systems data, community development, housing issues, land use, transportation planning, spatial analysis/geographic information system applications

        Matsaganis, Matthew

        Assistant Professor
        Home Department: Communication
        Campus Address: SS 329
        Phone: 518-442-4860
        Email: mmatsaganis@albany.edu

        Research Interests: Diffusion and adoption of new communication technologies, social impact of communication technologies among diverse populations and in organizational settings, geo-spatial data and GIS-based statistical techniques for the study of neighborhood or contextual effects on health

        Miesing, Paul

        Associate Professor
        Home Department: Management
        Campus Address: Business Building 347
        Phone: 518-956-8348
        Email: pmiesing@albany.edu

        Research Interests: Strategic vision, organizational change and transformation, technology transfer, business and education use of information technology

        Mower, James

        Associate Professor
        Home Department: Geography and Planning
        Campus Address: Arts and Sciences 218
        Phone: 518-442-4779
        Email: jmower@albany.edu

        Research Interests: Automated cartography, geographic information system, application of real-time perspective viewing models, applications of parallel computing

        Murray, Neil V.

        Department Chair
        Home Department: Computer Science
        Phone: 518-442-3393
        Email: nvm@cs.albany.edu

        Research Interests: Automated deduction, extension of deductive techniques to various non-classical logics (including multiple-valued, annotated and fuzzy logic), knowledge compilation

        Nevo, Saggi

        Associate Professor
        Home Department: Information Technology Management
        Campus Address: 393 School of Business
        Phone: 518-956-8369
        Email: snevo@albany.edu

        Research Interests: Business value of information technology, information technology strategy, technology post-adoption, diffusion of innovations, social computing

        Pardo, Theresa A.

        Home Department: Center for Technology in Government
        Campus Address: Center for Technology in Government, 187 Wolf Rd, Suite 301
        Phone: 518-442-3892
        Email: tpardo@ctg.albany.edu

        Research Interests: Information technology innovation in the public sector, cross-boundary collaboration and information sharing, preservation of government records in digital form, return on investment analysis for public sector IT

        Rich, Eliot

        Associate Professor
        Home Department: Information Technology Management
        Campus Address: BB369
        Phone: 518-956-8359
        Email: erich2@albany.edu

        Research Interests: Simulation, software systems, knowledge management, information and infrastructure security

        Rorissa, Abebe

        Associate Professor
        Home Department: Information Studies
        Campus Address: Draper 116
        Phone: 518-442-5123
        Email: arorissa@albany.edu

        Research Interests: Multimedia information organization and retrieval, measurement and scaling of users’ information need and their perceptions of multimedia information sources and services, use/acceptance/adoption/ impact of information communication technologies

        Sinn, Donghee

        Associate Professor
        Home Department: Information Studies
        Campus Address: Draper 113
        Phone: 518-442-5117
        Email: dsinn@albany.edu

        Research Interests: Archives, archival research and public memory, archival use/user studies, personal archiving in the web environment, archiving web contents, public memory, Asian cultures and heritages.

        Stefl-Mabry, Joette

        Associate Professor
        Home Department: Information Studies
        Campus Address: Draper 104
        Phone: 518-442 5120
        Email: jstefl@albany.edu

        Research Interests: Integration and assessment of educational technologies, user needs, social implications of technology, media decision-making, media exposure and its effects on brain functioning

        Strzalkowski, Tomek

        Home Department: Computer Science
        Campus Address: SS 262B
        Phone: 518-442-2608
        Email: tomek@albany.edu

        Research Interests: Natural language processing, computational sociolinguistics, information retrieval

        Tam, Kinsun

        Associate Professor
        Home Department: Accounting and Law
        Campus Address: BB357
        Phone: 518-956-8353
        Email: tam@albany.edu

        Research Interests: XML, markup languages, computerized content analysis of corporate text documents, database internal controls, application of Internet technologies

        Tayi, Giri Kumar

        Home Department: Information Technology Management
        Campus Address: BB 317
        Phone: 518-956-8328
        Email: gtayi@albany.edu

        Research Interests: Data communications and communications networks, information economics and policy, quantitative models for policy analysis

        Uzuner, Ozlem

        Associate Professor
        Home Department: Information Studies
        Campus Address: Draper 114A
        Phone: 518-442-4687
        Email: ouzuner@albany.edu

        Research Interests: Medical informatics, medical language processing, electronic health records, natural language understanding, natural language information access, information retrieval, information extraction, privacy, security, intellectual property, user interface

        Van Ness, Raymond Kenneth

        Visiting Assistant Professor
        Home Department: Management
        Campus Address: BB 341
        Phone: 518-956-8344
        Email: rvanness@albany.edu

        Research Interests: International business and the impact of culture, boards of directors and financial performance, influence of boards of directors on corporate strategy

        Yuan, Xiaojun (Jenny)

        Assistant Professor
        Home Department: Information Studies
        Campus Address: DR 114C
        Phone: 518-591-8746
        Email: xyuan@albany.edu

        Research Interests: Information-seeking behavior, information retrieval, user interface design and evaluation, information visualization, usability testing, human-computer interaction, digital libraries


      Faculty Emeritus

        Gangolly, Jagdish

        Associate Professor Emeritus

        Research Interests: Automatic Classfication of accounting concepts to generate retrieval thesauri for accounting. The development of markup languages for  financial accounting standards. Mathematical modeling of security & controls in accounting information systems.The relationship between accounting, legal theory, and political philosophy.

        Lance, Tim

        Distinguished Service Professor
        Phone: 518-442-4610
        Email: tlance@albany.edu

        Research Interests: Geometric toplogy, group actions on manifolds, cobordism theory, smoothing theory, homotopy theory of classifying spaces, applications to number theory, non-linear simliarity.

        Mohan, Lakshmi

        Vincent O'Leary Associate Professor
        Phone: 518-956-8324
        Email: lmohan@albany.edu

        Research Interests: Decision support systems, business intelligence, data warehousing and data mining, customer relationship management, information resource management

      Adjunct Faculty