Course Offerings:

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Informatics Department

Informatics Creates Value in All Fields

Informatics is the bridge between technology and another specific domain, ranging, for example, from the fine arts to economics to health care.  Its applications are often hyphenated, such as “bio-informatics.” Besides applying technology to a specific field, informatics often includes a focus on social and behavioral aspects of information and technology.

As the home for the College of Computing and Information’s (CCI’s) interdisciplinary activities, the Department of Informatics draws upon faculty from its sister departments of Computer Science and Information Studies, as well as from other schools and departments throughout the University.

The Informatics Department offers a faculty-initiated interdisciplinary major in Information Science leading to a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies. This degree educates students for such careers as information technology specialist, records manager, Web developer, database administrator, and others. Some students enter graduate programs in library science, information science, business, and others.

The combined B.A./M.S.I.S. and B.S./M.S.I.S. degrees provide unique opportunities for capable, highly motivated students to pursue any undergraduate major while also preparing for a career in the rapidly expanding information management fields.

Informatics offers the Ph.D. in Information Science, an interdisciplinary program that encompasses research, teaching, and the application of research to practice.

Great Career Possibilities

Graduates can look forward to excellent job opportunities, whether directly in the field of computing and information science, or by applying their expertise in information science to positions within the business, government, education or nonprofit sectors.