Informatics Creates Value in All Fields

Informatics is technology applied to specific fields. Informatics serves as the bridge between computing and information technology and specific application domains, ranging, for example, from the government and public policy to economics to health care. As computing and information technologies become increasingly embedded in the day-to-day operations of commerce Informatics as a field will become increasingly important. We will need more individuals who understand a diverse set of technologies and how to apply them across fields. To illustrate this point we can look to the case of “big data” today. Organizations are producing immense amounts of data and emerging technologies are now making it possible to collect that data and use it to answer questions. This has created the need for individuals who understand how to use those technologies and how to get information out of large data sets.

Informatics is the bridge between technology and another specific domain, ranging, for example, from the fine arts to economics to health care.  Its applications are often hyphenated, such as “bio-informatics.” Besides applying technology to a specific field, informatics often includes a focus on social and behavioral aspects of information and technology. 

What does the Informatics Department value?

As a Department, Informatics values wide-spread access to student-centered technology education. The Informatics minor is founded on the principle of “study what you love, but also graduate with enough technology skills to be technology-knowledgeable in the 21st century.” In addition, we place a very high value on quality undergraduate education and engaged learning. Specifically, we value:

  • Engaged, active learning
  • Access to technology education
  • Cutting-edge topics
  • Staying ahead of the curve on technology developments and trends
  • Trying something different

Great Career Possibilities

Graduates can look forward to excellent job opportunities, whether directly in the field of computing and information science, or by applying their expertise in information science to positions within the business, government, education or nonprofit sectors.

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