New Trends in Informatics Research - NTIR

April 27, 2007 The University at Albany | State University of New York

  The Informatics Faculty of The University at Albany is pleased to announce its Second Annual Spring Research Conference: New Trends in Informatics Research, 2007.

  The conference will feature talks by student and faculty researchers discussing their current work, and poster displays by Information Science PhD students presenting the progress that they have made in their own research.

  The topics of the research presentations will represent a variety of current streams of research relevant to Informatics. PhD Student posters and presentations will highlight doctoral research at various stages, from proposals to completed research. The NTIR conference will present research from the various specializations in the Informatics PhD program, including:

Call for Proposals

  Take part in the 2nd annual research conference to share research ideas, receive feedback from faculty and fellow students, and network with colleagues from universities and colleges in the Capital region.

  This conference provides an ideal opportunity to:

  1. present new research
  2. conduct a "dry run" for upcoming international conference presentations
  3. share faculty-student collaborations
  4. practice a dissertation proposal
  5. receive feedback on new research ideas

  Please submit a 150-300 word proposal of topic for a presentation or poster session by March 12, 2007 indicating type of session, status of research (completed, in-progress, new research idea), whether you are faculty or student, department or field or research, and estimated length of presentation. Proposals and questions can be emailed to with subject line "NTIR 2007".

  To find out how to register to attend the conference please click here, or on the Register link above. To view helpful resources for preparing your poster for NTIR 2007, please click here, or go to the Resources link above.