Excelsior is a new program and we appreciate your patience as we work to implement this scholarship into our financial aid and billing protocols.

What you need to know now

The following is offered to help answer a few of the current Frequently Asked Questions. Please also note the other tabs of information offered to help with general program clarification and future planning;

When will I know what my award is / When will I see my Billing information updated?

New York State Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC) is sending student files to us weekly and as soon as we have them we will send you an email and your financial aid award and bill will be updated.   Check your UAlbany email account for any updates.

Why was I denied?

HESC has a number of requirements for the program and all need to be met to receive this award.   The most common reason is the requirement that a student receive a total of 30 credits a year, applicable to their degree, continuously after high school graduation.   All Excelsior program requirements can be found at Higher Education Services Corporation’s (HESC) website.  

Can I appeal?

The campus has no appeal authority for Excelsior Scholarship denials. New York State Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC) is the governing agency for this program. Please contact HESC with any questions regarding appeal policy and guidelines.

What is an Excelsior Credit?

The Excelsior Tuition Credit is an institutional credit. This financial aid award is limited to Excelsior Scholarship recipients and only in the amount to cover the Tuition charge (not fees) minus all other grants and scholarships (including the Excelsior Scholarship). See example below;

Example - Partial Excelsior Award

Fall Semester

Award Amount

Tuition (2016/2017 rate)


Pell Grant


Albany Scholarship


TAP Grant


Outside Scholarship


Tuition Balance Before Excelsior


Excelsior Award


Tuition Balance
after Excelsior