The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) is the University at Albany's largest academic unit and the core of its intellectual activity. It provides the general education foundation of the undergraduate curriculum and is the intellectual base for study in a wide variety of disciplines at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

With the breadth and reach of its programs, the College of Arts & Sciences plays a major role in shaping the overall quality of the learning environment at the University at Albany. The College's programs promote critical thinking and reasoning, aesthetic sensibility, and intellectual development, while providing career preparation to help students meet the challenges of the future and achieve their goals.

  • UAlbany Sociologist will Investigate the Role of Immigrant Entrepreneurs in Urban Redevelopment in Los Angeles

    Professor Angie Y. Chung will collaborate with social scientists from the University of Kansas - Missouri and Occidental College to evaluate how economic development driven by elite immigrants and overseas investment has impacted the workers and residents in the ethnic enclave communities of Monterey Park, California, and the Koreatown neighborhood of Los Angeles.

  • Professor Lance Bosart honored as the Gal-Chen Lecturer at University of Oklahoma

     The series celebrates the late meteorologist Gal-Chen’s great knowledge of and enthusiasm for all aspects of atmospheric science. Speakers in previous years have been internationally recognized scientists such as Joanne Simpson, who was the first woman to earn a doctorate in meteorology and was at one time the president of the AMS.

  • Mathematician's Research Funding Hits the Decade Mark

    Professor Cristian Lenart has received a fourth award from the National Science Foundation, marking continuous NSF funding since 2004 to research the development of computational models, based on combinatorial structures, for various areas in algebra and geometry. The funding has also allowed the support of numerous doctoral students as research assistants.

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