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Fall Billing

We are currently preparing to issue Fall 2017 E-Bill. The tentative Billing Schedule is as follows:
Graduate Students - July 21
Non-Excelsior Undergraduate Students - the week of July 24
Billing for Excelsior Applicants will be delayed while we evaluate information from HESC regarding eligibility. Check this site, EPAY and MyUAlbany for updates on billing schedule.

NYS Excelsior Scholarship Application is now available!

  • There is still time to apply for an Excelsior Scholarship. The Excelsior scholarship program is administered by New York State’s Higher Education Services Corp. (HESC). Please visit HESC.ny.gov for information on eligibility and to complete your application. Applications must be completed by July 21.

  • More information on the Excelsior Scholarship Program is also available here.

  • The first bill for the Fall semester will be issued on or about July 20. Even if you have already applied for an Excelsior Scholarship, the Excelsior award may not appear on your July 20th e-bill. HESC will forward a list of scholarship recipients to the campus upon final approval of applications.

  • Your student account status on MyUAlbany and Epay.Albany.edu reflect real-time current balances. Any financial aid credits, including the Excelsior Scholarship, that are applied to your account after you receive an E-bill may result in a new current balance. Prior to remitting payment by the August 15th due date, check your real-time balance on MyUAlbany or Epay. If the real-time balance is lower than your E-bill balance, you may pay the lower current balance. UAlbany will apply Excelsior Scholarship awards on a continuous basis as they are received from HESC. Always check your real-time balance when remitting payment by the 15th due date.

  • If your Excelsior Scholarship is not received by UAlbany from HESC by the August 15th due date, you must still remit payment by this due date. However, once the scholarship arrives, it will be applied to your account. If the scholarship results in a credit balance on your account, UAlbany will issue you a refund. Refunds can be issued to you electronically. Go to Epay.Albany.edu and follow the instructions to receive Electronic Refunds.

  • When you receive your E-bill on July 20th, you will also have the option to enroll in the payment plan on Epay.Albany.Edu. For more information on UAlbany’s payment plan option, please visit Payment Plan information page

  • Please click here for information from the NYS Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC).
  • Additionally, the SUNY FAQ webpage offers additional information for students and families.

Summer Invoices have been issued

•Please review your epay.albany.edu account

•Click here for more detailed billing and payment information

Summer 2017 Financial Aid Application

* Now available on your MyUAlbany Account

* Click here for more detailed information.


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UAlbany's Financial Literacy Program Is Here!

Great Danes, Dollars and $ense.     

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