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Archaeology Students

Yajaira Nuñez Cortés



Bachelor in Anthropology (Honors): University of Costa Rica

Licenciatura in Anthropology with emphasis in Archaeology: University of Costa Rica

Research Interests

Lower Central America and Mesoamerican archaeology, chiefdoms, interregional interaction, ceramics

Yajaira is a Masters-PhD student in Archaeology. Her work focuses in Mesoamerica and Lower Central America. After completing her Licenciatura in Archaeology in Costa Rica (University of Costa Rica), she is currently working on her Masters at SUNY Albany. As part of her masters she is studying Postclassic ceramics from Soconusco, Chiapas, Mexico. She is also interested in zooarchaeology and she is currently analyzing dog bones from Mayapán, Yucatán. Yajaira had participated in several fieldwork seasons in Costa Rica, Panama and Chiapas. Her general interests in archaeology include ceramic production, interregional interaction, chiefdoms, political organization and economy.