Awards and Scholarships

The following endowed funds have been established through Initiatives For Women.


The Louise C. and Earl M. Applegate Fund
established by the Dean and Director of Libraries, Meredith Butler,
in honor of her parents

The Lillian Barlow IFW Endowment
established by Judith E. Barlow, Ph.D., in honor of her mother

The Christine E. Bose and Edna Acosta-Belen Research Endowment
established by Christine E. Bose

The Gloria R. DeSole Fund
established by Meredith Butler and other friends of
Gloria DeSole as a birthday gift

Ford Foundation Women in Science Fund
established by the Ford Foundation to provide graduate fellowships
to women pursuing careers in the physical sciences

The Judy L. Genshaft, Ph.D. Fund for Initiatives For Women
established by Judy L. Gensahft

The Anne Gustin Scholarship for Women in Law and Government
established by Patty Salkin in honor of her grandmother

The Haynes-Davis Memorial Fund
established by Cynthia Scott DiNardo in memory of her
grandmothers, Gladys Haynes and Emma Davis '73

Karen R. Hitchcock New Frontiers Fund
established by Dr. Karen R. Hitchcock, her friends and colleagues

Honoring Our Mothers Fund
established by Bianca Carter, Sue Faerman, Shirley Jones,
Kathy Shooks, Lorre Smith and Kathy Turek

The Initiatives For Women Endowment Fund
established by the IFW Steering Committee

Shirley J. Jones Opportunity Fund
established by Shirley J. Jones and her friends and colleagues

The Bernice Mosbey Peebles Fund
established by Bernice Mosbey Peebles '39

The Physicians' Endowment Fund
established by Maureen Archambault, M.D., Martha Lepow, M.D.
and Laura Staff, M.D. '86

The Susan Van Horn Shipherd Women in Science Scholarship Fund
established by Susan Van Horn Shipherd '64

Women and Technology Fund
established by Kathy Turek and other donors