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Frequently Asked Questions

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How are lottery numbers determined?
Lottery Numbers are determined by the number of credits that you have completed by 2/1/15 plus the credits that you are registered for in the Spring 2015 semester. Lottery numbers are distributed to students with the highest credits first. For those students who have the same number of credits, the GPA is used as a tie-breaker.
Is the housing sign up process only online?
Yes, the housing sign up process will be done completely online. See the Housing Signup Page for the steps, instructions and relevant dates.
When do I signup for housing?
Please see the Housing Sign Up Main Page for the steps, dates and times for Housing Sign-up. After completing the application, your selection date and time will be available online by clicking on the 'My Home' link in your housing application.
How do I select my Roommates/Suitemates?
You will need to add your roommates/suitemates to your housing application. When filling out your housing application, you will need to know your roommates/suitemates NetIDs in order to add them to your application. All roommates/suitemates much add each other to the applications. If your roommate/suitemates do not add you to their application you will not be able to select a space together
When do I select my room?
After filling out the housing application, you will see your lottery number and your assigned date and time for signup by clicking 'My Home'. If you are signing up with roommates/suitemates, the person with the lowest lottery number may login on or after their assigned time and go through the selection process for all confirmed roommates/suitemates. Please note: all roommates/suitemates must confirm each other on the housing application before the selection date/time. The Housing selection link will only be active Monday - Friday from 11AM - 11PM .
How Much is the Housing Deposit?
The Housing Deposit it $125 and can be paid via EPay
  • Login to Epay
  • Select eDeposits
  • Select Fall 2015
  • Select Housing Deposit
Where do I go for Help?
Attend one of the Housing Sign Up Informational Meetings


For Housing Sign Up help, please contact the Housing Sign up Help Desk:

Housing Signup Help Desk Hours
February 23 10 AM - 6 PM
February 24 - 27 11 AM - 7 PM
March 2 & 39 AM - 5 PM
March 4 - 11 Weekdays 11 AM - 7 PM
Call: 518-442-2928
Visit: Your Quad Information Center
What is Special Interest Housing Sign Up?
Please see our Special Interest Housing Sign Up Page for more information
I have selected my room, can I change it?
Once you have gone through the Third Step and selected your room, no changes can be made.