The following professors have taught or are currently teaching in The Honors College.

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Russell Kent Lohse
Visiting Assistant Professor, Latin American Studies
AHIS 158/158Z The World in the Twentieth Century





Priyantha Sugathapala
Instructor, Chemistry
TCHM 130: Advanced General Chemistry
TCHM 131: Advanced General Chemistry II





Megan Kurlycheck
Associate Professor, Criminal Justice
TCRJ 203: Theories of Crime Dr. Kurlycheck’s primary research interests include juvenile justice and delinquency, specifically prevention and rehabilitation programming.



Victor Asal
Associate Professor, Political Science
TPOS 261: Comparative Ethnicity Dr. Asal specializes in the topics of terrorism; homeland security; contentious politics



Robert Rosellini
Distinguished Teaching Professor, Psychology
TPSY 102: Advanced Introduction to Psychology Dr. Rosellini’s primary interests are in associative learning process in invertebrates, animal learning and behavior, controllability and predictability of stress, and animal models of psychopathology and addiction.




Sean Rafferty
Associate Professor, Anthropology
TANT 201: Critical Thinking and Skepticism in Anthropology
Sean Rafferty’s research involves the archaeology of Eastern North America. Within this region, he is interested in the interplay between ritual practices and cultural variability, especially within the area of mortuary practices and smoking rituals.


Richard Zitomer
Professor, Biology
TBIO 176: Genomics and Biotechnology
Dr. Zitomer’s primary interests are in yeast genetics and molecular biology; regulation of gene expression by hypoxia and stress; and mechanisms of transcriptional repression



John Schmidt
Professor, Biology
TBIO 260: Neural Basis of Behavior
Dr. Schmidt’s areas of interest are: developmental neurobiology; development of retinotopic maps in zebrafish; activity-driven refinement of retinotectal synapses; expression of genes in retinal projections of GFP fusion proteins; timelapse imaging and dynamic analysis of growth, actin, myosin and growth cone motility; and myosin light chain kinase, Rho kinase.


Johana Londono
Assistant Professor, Latin American, Caribbean and U.S. Latino Studies
TLCS 288: Race, Ethnicity and the Contemporary US City
Dr. Londono’s research interests are: Latino/a urban culture in the US; political economy of cities; comparative ethnic studies; social and cultural theory; representations of poverty; social welfare; the cultural politics of architecture and urban design; aesthetics and visual culture.



Rachel Cohon
Professor, Philosophy
TPHI 212: Introduction to Ethical Theory
Professor Cohon fields of interest are ethics, the philosophy of action, and the history of ethics.





Kamiar Alaei
Public Service Professor, Political Science
TPOS 272: Health and Human Rights: An Interdisciplinary Approach
Dr. Alaei is the founding Director of Global Institute for Health and Human Rights. He and his brother co-founded the first center for HIV/AIDS cases and drug users in Iran, which was documented by the United Nations/World Health Organization as a Best Practice model.



Marcus Adams
Assistant Professor,
TPHI 219: Scientific Revolutions
Professor Adams specializes in early modern philosophy, especially Thomas Hobbes, and in the history and philosophy of science. His research focuses on issues related to the unity of science in early modern natural philosophy and politics.



Ricky Leung
Assistant Professor, Public Health
Social Media and Public Health Professor Leung’s interests include health management, technological innovation, global health, and transnational studies.



   Alexander Khmaladze
Assistant Professor in Applied Physics
Professor Khmaladze specializes in raman spectroscopy and microscopy, three-dimensional digital holographic imaging, scanning microscope design, hyperspectral imaging of live cells via Coherent Anti-Stocks Raman Scattering (CARS) microscopy and     biological tissue imaging.




     Andrea Lang
Assistant Professor of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences
Professor Lang’s interest is in synoptic dynamic meteorology, the role of the synoptic scale in troposphere-stratosphere coupling, weather-climate interactions.





Marco Varisco
Assistant Professor of Mathmatics
Professor Varisco’s field of interest is algebraic and geometric topology, algebraic K-theory.



Thomas Bass
Professor of English






 Walter Little
Professor of Anthropology
Cultural and Ethnic Identity, Cultural Performance, Gender Relations, Marketplace and Household Economics, Transcultural Studies - Tourism, Urban Anthropology



Hui-Ching Chang
Dean of the Honors College






Richard Barney
Associate Professor of English




Sarah Cohen
Professor of Art and Art History
Research Interests: Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-century Art; Women in Art





Anthony DeBlasi
Associate Professor in Chinese Studies
Professor DeBlasi's research focuses on: Views of learning in early ninth century China; Chinese intellectual history from the ninth through the twelfth century; Chinese monasticism; Tibetan history. 


Boris Goldfarb
Associate Professor in Mathmatics
Algebraic and geometric topology, K-theory, geometric group theory, topological data analysis, data science 







Vevek Jain
Assistant Professor of Physics
Research Interests: Experimental Particle Physics, member of the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, Switzerland


John Schmidt
Professor of Biological Sciences
Research Interests:
• Developmental Neurobiology
• Development of Retinotopic Maps in Zebrafish
• Activity-Driven Refinement of Retinotectal Synapses
• Expression of Genes in Retinal Projections as GFP Fusion Proteins
• Timelapse Imaging and Dynamic Analysis of Growth
• Actin, Myosin and Growth Cone Motility
• Myosin Light Chain Kinase, Rho kinase