Following is a list of the faculty members who are currently teaching courses in the Honors College.
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2012-2013 Academic Year

Victor Asal

Assistant Professor, Political Science
Professor Asal's research interest is the interaction of international relations and domestic politics, particularly how this interaction influences ethnic conflict and ethnic terrorism.

Richard Barney

Associate Professor, English
Professor Barney's research interests areas include 18th-century British studies, critical and cultural theory, gender studies, history of the sublime, and film.

Rita Biswas

Associate Professor, Finance
Professor Biswas interests include international finance, banking and financial markets.

Jean-François Brière

Professor, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Professor Brière's research focuses on the history of French expansion overseas, 18th and 19th centuries.

Langdon Brown

Associate Professor, English
Professor Brown's interest include theater history, and dramatic history. He is a theatrical director and has served as Theater Department Chair from 1988-1994, and 1995-202.

Jennifer Burrell 

Assisstant Professor, Anthropology
Professor Burrell's intersts are in political economy, structural and political violence, human rights, forensic anthropology, transitional states, migration, development, gender, and neoliberalization.

Pedro Caban

Professor, Latin American, Carribean Studies
Professor Caban intersts are in the political economy of Puerto Rico, Latinos in the United States, and race and ethnic studies. He is currently the Graduate Studies director in the Department of Latim American, Carribean, and U.S. Latino Studies.

Angie Chung

Associate Professor, Sociology
Professor Chung's research interests include urban sociology and community studies, race and ethnicity, immigration, Asian American studies, and ethnography and qualitative methods.

Rachel Cohon

Associate Professor, Philosophy
Professor Cohon's fields of interest are ethics, the philosophy of action, and the history of ethics.  She is also interested in applied ethics. 

John Delano

Distinguished Teaching Professor, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences
Professor Delano's expertise is in space exploration, NASA, renewable energy, solar power, the moon, astrobiology, and environmental science. He gives many talks yearly, and was invited to speak to the presidential commission on exploration of the moon, mars and beyond in 2004.

Jesse Ernst

Associate Professor, Physics
Professor Ernst's research is in experimental particle physics, specifically trigger algorithms, muon reconstruction, and supersymmetry studies.

Eric Keenaghan

Associate Professor, English
Professor Keenhagen has focused his research on the queer redefinition of politics, individualism, and eroticism in modernist and cold war poetries of the United States, Cuba, and Spain. 1940's.

Richard Lachmann

Professor, Sociology
Professor Lachmann's research interests include collective behavior/social movements, comparative/historical sociology, cultural sociology, economic sociology, history of sociology/thought, political sociology, social networks, sociological theory, developmental/world systems, and religion.

William Lanford

Professor, Physics Department
Professor Landford's interests include: materials physics; applied physics; glasses; thin films; ion beam analysis.

Ewan McNay

Assistant Professor, Behavioral Neuroscience, Psychology
Professor McNay's research interests include metabolic factors in brain function, mechanistic links between type 2 diabetes and alzheimer's disease, the role of insulin in brain function, and interactions between multiple neural memory systems.

Nancy Newman

Associate Professor, Music
Professor Newman's interests include European and American musical practices, and the relationship between art music and popular culture. Her other interests include film, music, and gender studies.


Marco Varisco

Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Statistics
Professor Varisco's research interests include algebraic and geometric topology, and algebraic K-theory and L-theory.

Blanca Ramos

Associate Professor, Social Welfare
Professor Ramos' scholarly interests are centered on health disparities, cross-cultural social work, gerontology, and domestic violence with a focus on US Latinos.

Eliot Rich

Assistant Professor, Business
Professor Rich's research interest include software and systems design, systems thinking, knowledge management, simulation, and system development.  

George Robinson

Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
Professor Robinson's areas of interest are the ecological impact of widespread tree disease, spatial stability and population dynamics in a fragmented urban forest preserve, habitat islands as tools for restoration, and reforestation in southern Brazil.

Robert Rosellini

Distinguished Teaching Professor, Behavioral Neuroscience, Psychology
Professor Rosellini's areas of interests are associative learning processes in invertebrates (Drosophila Melanogaster), animal learning and behavior, controllability and predictability of stress, and animal models of psychopathology and addiction.

Christopher Smith

Professor, Geography and Planning
Professor Smith's research interest include geographies of globalization, golden age cities through time and across space, olympic games, China, entreprernurial city: discourse/urban regenration, and geographic and planning implications of megaproject planning and development.

Priyantha Sugathapala

Instructor, Chemistry

Richard Zitomer

Department Chair, Professor, Biological Sciences
Professor Zitomer's areas of interest include yeast genetics and molecular biology, regulation of gene expression by hypoxia and stress, and mechanisms of transcriptional repression.