Departmental Honors Programs

In order to graduate from The Honors College, each honors student must complete the requirements for honors in his or her major, if that major has an honors program.  The requirements for completing the honors program in each major are described in the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Some majors at UAlbany do not have an honors program. Honors students in these majors should consult with Dean Chang about the requirements that they will need to meet.

Students who have two majors may complete the honors requirements for either major.  Students can choose to complete the honors requirements in both majors, but this is not required.  Students choosing to complete the honors requirements in both majors may be able to accomplish this by writing one thesis, depending on the content of the thesis.  Contact Dean Chang to ask about this if interested.

Applying to a Department's Honors Program

Honors students are not automatically enrolled in the honors program in their majors. They must meet the entrance requirements and apply through their major departments. Consequently, all honors students should be familiar with the requirements for applying to their honors program and when they should apply.

We have created a chart describing how and when students should apply to the honors program in their major.  The chart includes information about when to contact the Honors Program Director, when to apply to the honors program, and the requirements that must be met before applying.  It also includes the name of the Honors Program Director, contact information for the Honors Program Director, and a link to detailed information about the requirements to graduate with honors in each major.  The chart can be accessed here.

Click here for the description of each honors program