For High School Seniors

Applying to The Honors College for the 2015/2016 Academic Year: Current High School Seniors

All incoming UAlbany first-year students are eligible to apply for admission to The Honors College.  About 125 incoming first-year students are admitted to The Honors College each year (about 5% of the university's entering class).  Students must be accepted as incoming first-year students at UAlbany before they can apply to The Honors College.

Applications are accepted from February 1 through April 1.  Applications received by March 1 will be reviewed by the honors admissions committee on March 8; applications received by April 1 will be reviewed on April 8.  Applications received after April 1 will be reviewed if space remains in The Honors College.  Applicants will be notified within a week of the review of their application.

There is no benefit to submitting an application soon after the February 1 opening of the application process.  A well-crafted application submitted later in February will receive a more positive review than a hastily prepared application sent early in February.  There may be some advantage to submitting an application by March 1.  The review of applications submitted between March 1 and April 1 will be influenced to some extent by the number of places remaining in The Honors College after the March 8 review.

Most students who enter The Honors College as incoming first-year students have achieved:

  • a 92 or better average in their core academic subjects (math, language, science, social science, foreign language)
  • no semester grade below a B
  • an SAT score of 1250 or higher on critical reading and math, or a composite ACT score of 28 or higher

Many other students who apply to The Honors College with high school achievements slightly lower than these are admitted to The Honors College. Students whose applications have the most likelihood of being successful include:

  • those with a 92 or better average in their core academic subjects and an SAT or ACT score somewhere lower than 1250 or 28
  • those with a record of taking honors and AP courses but whose core academic average is somewhat below 92
  • those with a core academic average close to 92 and whose average slipped below 92 because of poor performance in one or two courses
  • those with an isolated semester grade or two below a B and with a strong academic record otherwise
  • those with an average below 92 and whose academic performance has improved steadily during their time in high school

We encourage these students to take the time to apply to The Honors College.  Many of them will be successful applicants.  However, applying to The Honors College does not guarantee acceptance.  Only a limited number of students can enter The Honors College each year, and so each applicant's likelihood of acceptance is partly influenced by the number of other applicants and their qualifications.

A note from Professor Haugaard: This past year I talked with several successful sophomore honors students who described having significant doubts that they were "good enough" to be admitted to The Honors College even though they had been very successful in high school.  If you have been very successful in high school and will continue to be a serious student in college, I encourage you to apply to The Honors College.

Applying to The Honors College involves reading a blog entry of Professor Haugaard's on striving for excellence and writing a short response to that blog entry: What are the areas in which you will strive for excellence in your first year of college? 

Instructions for applying to The Honors College for the 2015/2016 academic year can be found on this website.