Campus Activities

The Honors College sponsors a variety of intellectual, cultural, and social events. These activities expand the atmosphere of intellectual curiosity and engagement beyond the classroom and foster a sense of community and togetherness for all members of The Honors College.

Student-initiated Groups and Events

Honors students are encouraged to consult with Professor Haugaard about initiating groups or events during the academic year.  In the past, students have initiated several community service projects, an a cappella group, a writing support group, and our open-mic night: Florescent Expression.  Many of these groups and events are ongoing and the creation of new groups or events is encouraged.

Dessert Receptions

Dessert receptions are held at the beginning of every fall semester in Professor Haugaard's faculty apartment in Steinmetz Hall, as a way for Dr. Haugaard to meet students new to The Honors College.  honors performance at the Performing Arts Center

honors performance at the Performing Arts CenterExploring the Campus Events

These lectures are intended to introduce students in The Honors College to activities and programs on the UAlbany campus. Tours of the libraries by the Honors Librarian, the Downtown Campus by the Vice Provost, and tours of the University Museum by the Museum Director are featured each year.


Albany Roadtrips

Honors students have the opportunity to go on local roadtrips several times each year. Duck Tours of the neighborhoods and waterways of Albany and tours of the State Capitol are featured each year.

Honors College Dinner-Dance(lessons)Honors students visit State Capital

This annual event, held during the beginning of each spring semester, offers students in The Honors College an opportunity to build community and have fun. Following a formal dinner, students learn basic ballroom dance steps from local dance instructors.

Honors Lecture Series

Selected professors teaching honors courses are asked to present public lectures in the evening in the honors residence halls. These public lectures foster a sense of living and learning in a community of developing scholars. They also offer an opportunity for students to find out more about the areas of interest of professors teaching honors courses.

An honors lecture in the honors residence hall.End-of-the-semester Celebrations

Honors students gather at the end of each semester to celebrate with tasty appetizers.

Performing Arts Center Productions

Students in The Honors College can attend select performances at UAlbany's Performing Arts Center for free. A variety of musical and theatrical performances are available for students to attend.


Honors Events During the 2008/09 Academic Year

As can be seen, honors students participated in a wide range of events during the 2008/09 academic year.  A similar variety of events is planned for the 2009/10 academic year.


Order or Chaos: Tour and Explore the Library
Find it Here or There: Library Catalog, Databases, Interlibrary Loan, and WorldCat
Search and Rescue: Open Session With the Honors Librarian
Help! Literature Reviews, Bibliographies, and Style Guides
Focus on Library Tools: Databases (WorldCat, JSTOR, Scopus, LexisNexis)
Tour the Science Library

Florescent Expression

The Arts

Annegret Baier Concert
Honors College Musicians
University Concert Band
Capital Collegiate Choral Festival
Flight: A play performed by Robert Spaulding
Holiday Concert
Bacchiocchi-Brown Duo
Reflections on Childhood
Bob Gluck Rehearsal
Bob Gluck: Music for Piano and Electronics
Two Piano Concert
University Jazz Ensemble
Capital Trio
The Sound of the Trumpets, the Roll of the Drums!
Honors Tour of the University Museum - Fall Exhibit, Spring Exhibit, MFA Exhibit
Florescent Expression V, VI, VII, and VIII

Student to Student

Second-year Students Helping First-year Students - Math and Physics
Second-year Students Helping First-year Students - Chemistry and Biology
Second-year Students Helping First-year Students - Political Science, Business, and Economics
Second-year Students Helping First-year Students - Psychology, Sociology, and other Soci8al Sciences
Second-year Students Helping First-year Students - The Humanities
Mentoring by and for Honors Students
Honors Theses Presentation: Lana Bunning and Jamie Tedesco
Honors Theses Presentation: Joanna Smith & Leann Lu
Honors Theses Presentation: Lauren Nyesecond-year students mentoring first-year students
Honors Theses Presentation: John Conway
Honors Theses Presentation: Nasiratu Larrysecond-year students mentoring first-year students
Honors Theses Presentation: Whitney Sperazza
Deciding on Social Activities - First-year Class
Deciding on Social Activities - Second-year Class
Deciding on Social Activities - Third-year Class

Honors Lectures

Professor Zitomer: After a Half Century of Biomedical Research Funding, Where Do We Stand?- A Geneticist's Perspective
Professor Berg:  The Future of Digital Electronics
Professor Byrd: Coping with Information Overload
Professor Hildreth: Predicting the Outcome of the Presidential Election
Professor Newman: The Hurried Child: Cross-Cultural Perspectives
Professor Haugaard:  Attachment Theory
Professor Armour-Garb: A Radical View of Semantic Paradoxes
Professor Gauss:  Che Guevara: Revolutionary, Martyr, Pop Icon?
Professor Malbin:  The 2008 Presidential election
Professor Golden:  Information and Communication Technologies
Professor Rosellini: Hypnosis Mythbusters.
Professor Pyles  Community Engagement
Professor Hamm: Animal and Cannibal Trials:  What Can Trials Tell us About the Past
Professor Haugaard: Sex with my Parent? The Theories of Sigmund Freud
Professor Roberts: War and Journalism
Professor Steinbock:  Designer Babies: Choosing Our Children's Genes
Professors Iris and Ron Berger: Historians: Social Scientists or Story-tellers?
Professor Broadwell:  Does your language determine your emotions?
Professor Andrade: Why Teachers Mustn't be the Sole Judges in the Classroom
Professor Sayahi: The Languages of Northern Africa.
Professor Lachmann: Death and the Times: Wartime Commemoration During the Vietnam and Iraq Wars.
Professor Murakami: Imaging the Renaissance


Research in the School of Public Health
Research in the School of Business
Research in Political Science and Public Administrationhonors lecture by Professor Hamm
 Pre-law Advising

Et Cetera

honors lecture by Professor Hamm

Two opportunities for community involvement.
Honors Travel, Summer 2009
DebateWatch 2008
Appreciating Diversity
Honors Societies and Tutoring with Albany Alliance
Fall Honors Course Descriptions (2)
Taxes Finished? Then Relax and Make Some Balloon Animals!