Sixth Year Report

Director’s Report on Our Sixth Year: The 2011/12 Academic Year

Jeffrey J. Haugaard, Ph.D.
Director of The Honors College
Professor of Counseling Psychology

Our sixth year marks the beginning of the second half of our first decade. Our third class of entering freshmen graduated this year; we now have 162 alumni. This past year we continued with all the basic elements of the honors-college experience that were developed during our first half-decade: offering a set of intense honors courses, helping the honors students find research mentors and write their theses, and building a strong sense of community among each of our classes and within the whole of The Honors College. As we solidify who we are as an honors college, we continue to explore strategies for refining and strengthening our program. Some of these strategies are discussed in the following pages.

At the foundation of The Honors College are our students, professors, and research mentors - all of whom are among the best at the University at Albany. Our students achieve in classrooms, laboratories, and research libraries. They do this under the guidance of top teaching and research professors. For six years it has been a pleasure for me to be involved with these outstanding students and professors.

We ended the year with 409 students, including our graduates (28 more than last year and 35 more than two years ago). The academic performance of most of our students was very high and almost all the honors professors report that teaching an honors course is challenging and rewarding. Most of the students have formed a sense of community within their graduating class through their residence-life experience and their coursework, and feel that they are part of an important undertaking at UAlbany.

from the summary:

With the help of many, The Honors College has a stable curriculum that meets the varied needs of our students and an extensive series of educational and social events outside the classroom that create a strong sense of community among the honors students and professors. Our admissions procedures have produced a stable flow of incoming honors students and, even in our first three years, the percentage of our students who graduate from The Honors College exceeds the national average by a considerable amount. The honors students achieve at very high levels in the classroom and contribute their energy and leadership skills to many student groups - thereby enhancing the academic, service, and social atmospheres on the UAlbany campus for all students. Some of our graduates have gone on to top graduate and professional schools across the country - taking the UAlbany name with them. We achieve and we contribute. Onward and upward.

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