The Honors College offices are located in Lecture Center 31 - near the stairs that lead up to (and down from) the University Library. We are open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Dean of the Honors College: Hui-Ching Chang, Ph.D.


As Dean of the Honors College and Professor of Communication, Dr. Chang sees knowledge as intimately connected with everyday practices. After completing her law degree from National Taiwan University, she pursued advanced degrees in speech communication from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Dr. Chang has studied Chinese language patterns, specifically Taiwanese national identity as constituted through discursive practices. Her book, Clever, Creative, Modest: The Chinese Language Practice (2010), examines Chinese language behavior from three distinctive yet overlapping dimensions: the manipulative speaker, the artistic speaker, and the humble speaker. Her most recent book, Language, Politics and Identity in Taiwan: Naming China (2015), explores how Taiwanese fashion their identities in the shifting and intertwined paths of five names Taiwan used to name China: "Communist bandits"; "Chinese Communists"; "mainland"; "opposite shore"; and the "People's Republic of China."

Dean Chang has received many grants and top paper awards for her research and has been an invited keynote speaker at numerous international conferences. Her publications have appeared in Journal of Language and Politics; Discourse Studies; Research on Language and Social Interaction; Journal of Language and Social Psychology; Nationalism and Ethnic Studies; and Journal of Asian Pacific Communication, among others. Very recently she was principal editor of the special issue, “Explored but not Assumed: Revisiting Commonalities in Asian Pacific Communication” (2015), in the Journal of Asian Pacific Communication.

Dr. Chang enjoys putting theories into practice: "I firmly believe that it is adventure and personal engagement that brings intercultural communication to life, an inspiring perspective I learned while on 'Semester at Sea'." She was a Fulbright Scholar, Ukraine (2010-2011, 2012); Chair Professor of the College of Journalism at Xiamen University, China (2009-2012); Visiting Scholar to Hong Kong Baptist University (2007) and Visiting Scholar to National Taiwan University (2003-2004).

Prior to coming to UAlbany, Dr. Chang was Associate Dean for Academic Affairs of the Honors College, the University of Illinois at Chicago, and Faculty-in-Residence, where she pioneered innovative programs like "Cutie's Office Hours" to promote a vibrant living-learning community. She served as Director of Undergraduate Studies and Director of Graduate Studies in her department, and was also a trained mediator for UIC's Dispute Resolution Service. For Dean Chang, being an Honors College administrator requires the same curiosity and urge to learn as it does for research and teaching—it is exciting, energizing, and fulfilling. 


Anita Hanson, Honors Advisor

I am thrilled to be the Academic Advisor for first year students in The Honors College.  I look forward to getting to know each one of your “stories” and hopes and dreams for the future and to help you articulate what those things might be for you!  I will work closely with you as you make adjustments to your courses, majors, plans, and activities along the way.  My goal is to make sure you are aware of course requirements, honors requirements, available majors and minors, and opportunities for service learning, study abroad, internships, professional development and community service.  Once you decide on a major, either your first or second year, your academic advisor will become a member of the major department.  By that time you will be more aware of educational resources and opportunities to expand your learning on and off campus.  My door is always open if I can answer any questions.  I respect the journey each one of you in on.  I look forward to working with you!


Samantha Brewer, Secretary

 I am privileged to be the Secretary for the Honors College and to work with some of the best and brightest students here at the University at Albany. I am always here and happy to help both prospective and current Honors College students. I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you throughout your academic career!