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The Honors College holds many educational and social events each semester.  The events for the fall semester are listed here.

Monday 9/23 
9:15  Steinmetz Zen Zone Yoga!  Bruce McEwen will lead another session of yoga.  New students always welcome.

Tuesday 9/24
8:00  Steinmetz Lecture Area
  Honors Lecture: Professor Haugaard As part of his ongoing series of lectures on personality theories, Professor Haugaard will talk about the work of several family-systems theorists. Families often function as systems of interdependent individuals, and how families function can influence the development of many behaviors in individual family members. We will discuss how who you are has been influenced by the role(s) that you have in your family.

9:00  Professor Haugaard's apartment  Dessert Reception  For first-year honors students in Steinmetz 203 & 205.

Wednesday 9/25
9:00  Professor Haugaard's apartment Dessert Reception  For first-year honors students in Steinmetz 207.

Thursday 9/26 
5:45 University Library, Basement Level, B48  Focus on Library Tools: Databases (Scopus, Business, JSTOR) (1 hour) Use databases and other tools to find valuable research materials and quality scholarly sources for your assignments.  This session’s focus is on Project Muse (humanities, social sciences, cultural and gender studies), Scopus (sciences and social sciences), and education databases such as Education Full Text.

Friday 9/27 
Steinmetz Card Parlor  Euchre! Come and learn how to play the card game Euchre. We’ll play for a while, once people have gotten the basics. It is a game with partners. Come with a partner if you have one, or come by yourself and we will pair people together.  The rule will be that you and your partner have to play at a table with a set of partners who you do not know. That way, people in The Honors College get to know others in The Honors College.