The Honors College

The Honors College is a community of developing scholars that includes some of the best teaching professors and some of the brightest and most serious students at UAlbany. The students are earlier in their development as scholars, and the faculty are further along, but all are refining and enhancing their abilities to create knowledge.

Are you interested in a challenging and intense classroom experience, a collaborative research experience, and a residence experience focused on fun and hard work? Come join us!

We have lots of information on our website. Look at the navigation bar to the left.  We have information about the honors courses being taught this year and about the 80 or so honors events that we have this year.  Prospective students can find information on applying to The Honors College and current students can find information to help them through their years in The Honors College, such as how to plan the four years of college, how to get involved in research on campus, and the best way to ask professors for letters of recommendation.

News & Photos

Cook Dinner for Professor Haugaard

Honors students who miss the chance to cook while living at school can get together, plan a menu, cook dinner, and then join in a meal.

A delicious experience for all!


There are always lots of interesting characters that emerge at Halloween.

August Orientation 2013

Each year, the incoming first-year honors students come to campus two days before most other undergraduates arrive at UAlbany.  After moving into the honors residence halls, students and their families attend the inaugural lecture of the year, delivered by Professor Haugaard, and then have one final dinner together before the families head home.

The new honors students join orientation groups, each of which is led by an honors junior (a POET - a person of extraordinary talent).  The first night, there are a variety of activities to help the students as they start to get to make friends with other honors students.  The next day, the POET groups head off to a scavenger hunt in the morning and several other activities in the afternoon.

On the second day, there are tours of the campus and tours of the City of Albany.  The honors students then join the rest of the UAlbany incoming first-year students for the regular orientation program.  By the end of our orientation, the honors students know each other, the campus, and parts of the city.  It is a great way for the honors students to start their honors years at UAlbany.

Graduation 2013

Fifty-five honors seniors, and their parents, professors, and high-school teachers were honored at the Graduation Celebration for the Class of 2013 on May 4.

It was a wonderful event and a great opportunity to celebrate the success of all of our students.