Department of History

Welcome! The objective of the Department of History is to provide its students with a thorough grounding in the past, seen from both social scientific and humanistic perspectives, and in the nature of history and historical analysis. The Department prepares undergraduates for a variety of career options which rely upon a sound liberal arts education, as well as for graduate study in both academic and professional fields. The study of history prepares students for a variety of career paths, extending from fields such as law, education, and religion, to journalism and media ventures, and to business and government service. The department hopes to revive in the coming year its Career Advisory Network, linking History majors to graduates who have gone on to employment in a broad range of professions.

To accomplish its objectives, the Department offers programs leading to the B.A., the M.A., the Certificate of Advanced Study in Public History, and the Ph.D. An honors program and a combined B.A./M.A. program are also available to qualified students. In addition, the Department participates in several interdepartmental programs, including Africana Studies, Asian Studies, Documentary Studies, Social Studies, Women's Studies, Judaic Studies, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Medieval and Renaissance Studies, and Russian and East European Studies.

On a graduate level, the Department of History offers a Doctor of Philosophy degree, a Master of Arts degree in History, a Master of Arts degree in Public History and a Certificate of Advanced Study (C.A.S.) in Public History, and a Master of Arts Degree in History and Media. In addition, it participates in several interdepartmental programs, such as Social Studies, Liberal Studies, and Library Science. The Ph.D. program aims to prepare students for academic careers as scholars and teachers as well as for profession opportunities in research, history and media, and policy analysts and other pursuits in the public and private sectors. The program is interdisciplinary in nature and is organized by thematic fields (Public Policy History, International, Global, and Comparative History, Social and Economic History, Gender History, and Cultural History). The M.A. program serves several purposes. It is a stepping stone to the doctorate; it is a qualifying degree for secondary-school teaching; and it is a way for interested students to extend their liberal education. The CAS and the MA in Public History and the MA in History and Media are designed to train professional historians who will work as curators, researchers, and archivists outside conventional academic settings.