The M.A. Concentration in History and Media

NOTE:  Effective Fall 2015, the M.A. concentration in History & Media will be contained within the M.A. concentration in Public History. 

The 36-credit M.A. concentration in History & Media allows students to learn about and apply specialized media skills — digital history and web authoring, photography and photo-analysis, documentary filmmaking, oral/video history, and aural history and audio documentary production — to the study and expression of the past. The concentration prepares students for work in academic and non-academic settings that rely on digital technologies and traditional and new media in their efforts to research, preserve, and communicate about the past.

Coursework in History: 28 credits (minimum). This should include:

  • Two courses from HIS 602, 604, 605, 606, and 610 (or approved equivalents)
  • At least one thematic or geographically-focused reading seminar (select from HIS 626, 628, 630, 639, 642)
  • At least one thematic or geographically-focused research seminar (select from HIS 629, 631, 634, 640, 643, 670)
  • HIS 607 (offered in the spring; recommended for your second semester in the program)
  • HIS 698 (History and Media Master’s Project) OR HIS 699 (Master’s Thesis) (Students should begin planning their thesis at the start of their second year, and generally will do the bulk of the work during their final semester in the program. It may build on work completed in previous courses, such as HIS 607.

About the Master’s Project or Master’s Thesis

  • His 698 History and Media Masters Project (2-6): This course provides MA students concentrating in History and Media an opportunity to plan, conduct research, and produce a substantial media project reflecting their area of expertise and interest. Faculty have individual class numbers for HIS 698: Permission of Supervising Instructor Required.
  • His 699 Master's Thesis in History (2-6): Independent research leading to an acceptable thesis for a master's degree. Prerequisite: Consent of department chair.

Supporting Coursework: 0-8 credits (as advised)

Foreign Language Requirement:

M.A. candidates writing Master's theses or working on media projects on non-U.S. topics are required to demonstrate reading knowledge of one foreign language appropriate to the student's major field. This requirement can be fulfilled by an examination in the Department, by an examination administered by a language department with approval of the History Department, or by satisfactory completion of a graduate level language course that has been approved by the History Department.

Current and Upcoming Courses

History Department graduate course descriptions are available for downloading here, as a Word document, or you may pick up a hard copy from the History Department office in 145 Social Sciences.  These descriptions are more current and specific than what is printed in the University at Albany’s Graduate Bulletin. M.A. students concentrating in History and Media are encouraged to explore the History Department’s offerings in Public History as well as graduate courses offered by the Department of Information Studies.