David Hochfelder


Associate Professor
(On leave Fall 2014, Spring 2015)

Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University
M.S., Northwestern University
B.S., Northwestern University

119C Social Science
Phone: (518) 442-5348
Fax: (518) 442-5301


*asterisks indicate new courses developed

Undergraduate Courses:

UFSP 100: The Future: What is likely to continue, what is likely to change, and what will be completely different? (Freshman Seminar) *
HIS 101: American Political and Social History II
THIS 199: Go-Getters and Deadbeats: Success and Failure in U.S. History *
HIS 276: Technology and Society in America *
HIS 309: The Gilded Age
HIS 331: Capitalism in America *
HIS 332: Introduction to Public History *
HIS 390: Special Topics-History and Future (scheduled Spring 2013) *

Graduate Courses:

HIS 501: Introduction to Public History
HIS 603/628: Readings in History of Technology
HIS 603/642: Readings in U.S. Public History

Current Research Interests:

David Hochfelder’s research interests are in the U.S. history of technology, history of capitalism, public history, and future studies. He would be pleased to direct research at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in those fields of inquiry.

Most Recent Publication:

The Telegraph in America: A History (Baltimore and London: John Hopkins University Press, in press).

Two Controversies in the Early History of Telegraphy,” IEEE Communications Magazine, Feb. 2010, 28-32

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