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November 14, 1908: Born in Grand Chute, Wisconsin

1935: Graduated from Marquette University Law School.

1939: Elected as Wisconsin's youngest circuit judge

1942-45: Serves as an intelligence officer in the Pacific theater.

1946: Defeats ( is located in 1st paragraph of the 2nd sub-title of the site) Republican incumbent, Robert M. La Follette, Jr., in primary
Then elected as Wisconsin's junior U.S. Senator

1950: Delivers speech to the Republican Women's Club of Wheeling, West Virginia. It is in this speech that Senator McCarthy first claims to have a list naming numerous communist spies working for the U.S. government.

1950: A Washington Post cartoonist, Herbert Block, coins the term "McCarthyism" . This term that would become a well-known label for the era. And in some instances the term is still used today to describe systematic or institutionalized action taken against groups or individuals who cause fear or paranoia among individuals in society.

1953: His second term as Senator begins, also he his made chairman of the Senate Permanent Sub-Committee on Government Operations. This committee would serves as Senator McCarthy's primary tool in eradicating the United States government of communists and communist sympathizers.

1954:Army/McCarthy Hearings (located in the 3rd sub-title of the site) took place in response The U.S. Army accusing McCarthy and his chief counsel, Roy Cohn, of pressuring the army to give favorable treatment to G. David Schine, a former aide to McCarthy and a friend of Cohn's. These hearings were televised, and for many American citizens it was the first time that got a chance to personally see Senator McCarthy's Anti-Communist tactics.

1954: Edward R. Murrow's Program "See It Now" criticizes McCarthy for his relentless allegations of communist infiltration. This television program, along with the televised Army-McCarthy Hearings, assisted in eroding the credibility of Senator McCarthy's accusations

1954: Senate censures McCarthy, stating that the Senator had behaved "contrary to senatorial traditions."

May 2, 1957: Dies (last section of site) of acute hepatitis in Bethesda Naval Hospital outside Washington