A full-time, 6-credit summer internship* is required as a central part of the graduate public history program at the University at Albany.  

As the state capital and the nation's largest governmental center outside of Washington, D.C., Albany is home to major New York State agencies such as the State Archives, State Museum, and Office of Historic Preservation. The region also contains many public and private museums, historical societies, archives, and public media television and radio stations. This diversity permits a wide choice of internship and career possibilities – and a pool of specialized experts to supplement the regular staff of the Department of History. Students may also explore internship opportunities out of state. 

Internship opportunities are publicized throughout the year to students, and they may also seek out opportunities on their own. On occasion, internships are paid, but most are not. (Students pursuing the MA or PhD in history but not concentrating in public history are also encouraged to explore internships, but do not need to do so through the public history program.)


1) Students who have declared the M.A. in history concentration in public history should register for the internship by enrolling in HIS 798. (You will need a permission number, most likely from the current public history director.)

2) A six-credit internship is roughly full time, eight weeks (about 50 hours per credit). To propose the internship, please fill out this form

3) At the end of the internship, both you and your immediate supervisor will be asked to write a report/assessment on the internship experience.


Employers interested in working with graduate students in public history are encouraged to contact the program director, Prof. Sheila Curran Bernard,

General internship information for University at Albany Graduate Students can be found here.

* Students enrolled in the dual programs -- M.A. in history with a concentration in public history, and M.S.I.S. -- must complete a total of six internship credits (combined) to satisfy the requirements of the two degrees. . These credits may be satisfied in a variety of ways:

  • Students may take AHIS798A (Public History Internship) for six credits. If the proposed internship is approved in advance of its completion by the Information Studies Department, this course will satisfy the requirement for IIST668 (Internship).
  • Students may split the internship between the two departments, taking AHIS599 (Special Projects in History) and IIST668 for three credits each. With the advance approval of the History Department, IIST668 will satisfy the additional three credit internship requirement for the Concentration in Public History.
  • Students may take IIST668 (Internship) for six credits. If the proposed internship is approved in advance by the History Department, it will satisfy the requirement for AHIS798A (Public History Internship).
See for more information.

Places where students have interned recently:

Albany Institute of History and Art
Colonial Albany Project (NYS Museum)
Crailo State Historic Site
Martin Van Buren National Historic Site
Mabee Farm Historic Site
Museum Association of New York
National Park Service
New York State Archives
New York State Historical Association
New York State Museum
Olana State Historic Site
Peebles Island State Park
Schenectady County Historical Society
Shaker Village
USS Slater
WAMC (Radio)

For a more detailed list of some potential internships, click here.