The Combined MA in History and MS in Information Science

Students may choose to combine the M.A. in History with the M.S. in Information Science.  By applying six credits in Information Science to the History degree program and seven credits from History to the Information Science program, a student can reduce the total number of credits needed for both degrees to 59. However, faculty responsible for concentrations in both programs may require additional course work.

Students may be admitted to a dual master's degree program at the beginning of their graduate studies, but not later than after completing 20 graduate credits applicable to a dual master's degree program. Work done for an awarded master's or doctoral degree may not be used for this program. Students may leave a dual program before completion of both degrees. If the requirements for one degree have been fulfilled, that degree may be awarded. You must be admitted to graduate study in both the M.A. and M.S.I.S. degree programs for the dual degree program.

For more information, go to the Graduate Bulletin.