Allison D. Redlich

Allison D. Redlich
Project Director

"Bargaining in the Shadow of Trial? Exploring the Research of Evidence Outside the Jury Box"

This proposed study will operationally define "strength of evidence," and once defined, examine its role and the role of extralegal factors in plea negotiations.

Sponsoring Agency
U.S. Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice.

Robert Norris

"Survey on Interrogative Practices/Efficacy Involving Interrogators Across U.S. Military and Federal Agencies"

Subcontract Principal Investigator Allison D. Redlich will assist with overall coordination of the process and outcome evaluation components, including development of survey instruments to be applicable to military and non-military interrogators, deployment of the survey in both electronic and hard-copy formats, analyses, report preparation, and project dissemination.

Sponsoring Agency
University of Texas at El Paso
Federal Bureau of Investigation (Prime Sponsor)

Christopher Kelly
Jeanee Miller

"Creating and Transferring Knowledge on Guilty Pleas"

The research delineates an inter-disciplinary program of research and education on guilty plea comprehension and decision-making. Proposed objectives are: 1) to examine whether defendants across differing states and age groups are presented with similar components of plea materials (i.e., content) and age-appropriate levels of understandability; 2) to determine, via controlled experimentation, if plea understanding impacts decisions under varying circumstances (guilt versus innocence, good versus fair plea offers) and individual different factors (age and plea understand); and 3) to determine if the rationales underlying plea decision, regardless of the decisions themselves, differ by these circumstances and factors.

Sponsoring Agency
National Science Foundation

D. Catherine Walker

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Telephone: (518) 442-4217
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