University at Albany

Health Forms

One health form is required for all students. This form should be filled out in ink. The Required Health Form is required of all entering students. This form does not require a physician evaluation. This form should be provided to Student Health Services within two weeks of registration.

Please note that the form above replaces the Confidential Health Report Certificate and the Required Immunization and Health Information form.

Additional Medical Information

Student Health Services does not require a physician’s (or other medical provider) evaluation for attendance. (All students are required to submit the brief Required Health Form)

Though not mandatory, it is recommended that all incoming students currently being treated for any chronic medical or psychiatric conditions see their medical providers prior to college entrance for evaluation of their anticipated medical needs as well as appropriate medication refills.

Though all students seen at student health services are asked to provide information regarding significant past and/or current medical conditions, medications and allergies at each visit, any additional medical summaries (or other pertinent information) that incoming students, parents or medical practitioners view as appropriate for inclusion in the student’s UAlbany Student Health Services medical record should be sent directly to the Medical Director for review.

You may submit information by email, mail or fax. Our forms email is Our mailing address is Student Health Services, University at Albany, 400 Patroon Creek Blvd., Suite 200, Albany, NY 12206. Our fax number is (518)-442-5444.