Spring 2012 Grant Awardees

Travel Awards Project Title
Amanda Spriggs Does the primate pattern hold up? Testing the functional significance of infraorbital foramen size variation among marsupials
Beatriz Acosta The unanticipated inhibition of human SIRT6 by the antituberculous drug pyrazinamide and analogs of pyrazinamide
Chen Wang An in vivo method to study regulatory elements of the medium neurofilament gene in Xenopus laevis
Cuneyt Gozu Leadership influence behaviors in Turkey: an empirical investigation
Dante Salto International university consortia in Latin America: origins, developments, and challenges
Denis Sambursky Mastering Figurative Language in L2 classrooms: Cognitive Linguistics and L2 Pedagogy
Elise Bouhet Les emeutes de 2005, ou lire la marge comme un espace de jeu
Erin Ring Rejecting rape culture: sexual aggression myth acceptance and conceputalizations of sexual victimization
Gloria Zambrano-Rozas Children's work and academic achievement in Latin America: a cross national study of sixth-grade
Jaclyn A. Nadeau Integrating methods; combining stage models with Flake Attribute Data
James Shuford Agents of Access: Farmworker health care in Central New York
Janelle Adsit Adapting writing center pedagogy for the undergraduate creative writing workshop
Jason Vickers Anatomy of process-based writing tutorials: what English learners take away
Jennifer Newman Mayan ritual beverage production: considering the vessels
Jessia Aubin Live from New York it's... Non traditional media portrayals of presidents: the role of and relationship between entertainment and politics
Jessica Watson & Kristine Bovy Comparative Analysis of late prehistoric bird use along the oregon coast: examining Umpqua/Eden and Whale Cove
Jessica Wooldridge The effect of learning environment on student effort and performance
Katelyn Cove Autodestruction in advance: figuring 'the present' in Poe's "The man that was used up" and McCarthy's "The Road"
Kristian Tamtomo Multilingual youth, literacy practices, and globalization in an Indonesian city: a preliminary exploration
Marcellus Taylor Educational attainment and intergenerational mobility in the Anglophone Caribbean: the case of the Bahamas
Meghan Deyoe The role of communication and connections: a case study of wraparound services
Michael Amrozowicz Community, romance, and the novel in Adam Smith's "Lectures on Rhetoric and Belles Lettres" and "Theory of Moral of Sentiments"
Michael Steklof Expressions of masculinity among fraternity brothers
Nan Xiang The comparative and international education course archive project: how comparative education is taught in different parts of the world
Natalie Kapur States and social reform: an examination of marriage in New York State
Newshaw Bahreyni An observer-based foundation of geometry
Ruirui Sun Post-secondary learning patterns, skill portfolios and labor market outcomes: the U.S. case
Ryan Levy Transnational lives and engaged anthropologies
Sarah Heins Differential mortality in Albany using cemetery and skeletal data
Seema Rivera Reading pictorial models in elementary read-alouds
Shuyi Guan The role of learning approaches in explaining the distinct classroom behaviors across culture groups
Taya L. Owens The balance of power: third party agents and authority in Academe
Tierney Gifford Predictive validity of a state exam for struggling readers
Umit Boz ESL learner's online task-based language practicies: a comparative study
Vahe Permzadiah A quantitative review of the effectiveness of freshman seminars
Vipanchi Mishra Cumulative exposure to work demands predict health at 40
Xiaoye She The political economy of exchange rate reform in China: comparison of the Two Crisis period
Yong Li Acculturation, family conflict and immigrant children's psychological well-being: a test of meidating effects
Yunmi Lee The role of community-based organizations in mental health of international students
Research Awards Project Title
Abeer Aloush Is there a relationship between Islam and terrorism: the violence of Muslim youth in the French suburbs
Dan Xu Reforming the Chinese book industry: an organizational level analysis
Dohyung Kim The impact of smoking bans of restaurant expenditures
Elizabeth Persons Doctor-patient relationships and experiences adjusting to Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
Fei Chen, Georgia Brooke, Christopher Valle, Angela Lui Formative assessment in the visual arts
Hsin-Hua Lee The relations of acculturation, enculturation, and acculturative family distancing to depressive symptoms as mediated by family conflict: a study of Taiwanese adults in the U.S.
James Broussard The effects of context on a game of chance
Katharine Shaffer Examining the impact of multicultural courses
Kristin Herzberg The impact of metaphor on anxiety
Leslie Graves Working with women that have experienced interpersonal violence: can a mindfulness intervention have indirect efefcts on children in these homes?
Lissette Corniel Towards a theory of Spanish women in La Espanola: a research guide and case studies
Mark Mason How psychotherapy trainees experience theoretical orientation development: a phenomenological study
Wan Wei Asian international students' health literacy, expectations about health care situations and experiences of health care treatment
Xiaoke Yang (Chuck) How about a "Mental Health Day" at work? A social-ecological model of workplace psychological well-being and its implications for the development of mental health promotion programs.
Yu-Hui Chen A longitudinal study of undergraduate students' perceptions and use patterns of the University Libraries Web portal: Does information literacy instruction play a role?