Research and Travel Grants

The Graduate Student Organization (GSO) offers all current graduate students at the University the opportunity to apply for two types of grants: a Travel Grant and a Research Grant. Travel Grants are intended to pay for or offset travel and other costs related to conference and/or exhibition participation. Research Grants are intended to pay for or offset costs incurred while conducting sanctioned research.

There are three distinct "funding periods" (or, "programs") for which students can apply for a GSO grant: a Summer Program; a Fall Program; and a Spring Program.
Fall program deadline is: September 22nd
Summer program deadline is: June 1st
Spring program deadline is: January 30th

Your travel or research activities must fall under the dates of the funding period to which you apply:
Fall Period: September 1 - January 15
Spring Period: January 16 - May 31
Summer Period: June 1 - August 31

For example, if your conference occurs on January 18 to 22, you should apply for a Spring Grant. For activities that span multiple periods, email the grants chair in advance.

For more information on the process, see the Grants Guidelines and the Application Instructions in documents page.